Real Housewives of Orange County

Out of all the Real Housewives Shows…The Orange County series has seen the biggest change in cast members. It seems like everytime I tune into this season, there’s a new housewife.

The two that I can remember from when I first started watching a few seasons back is Vicki and Tamra. This last season, I think season 7 was not so much dramatic as it was sad. The second last episode aired, and it focused a lot on Vicki and her dysfunctional marriage. I think TMZ reported a few months ago that her and her husband did file for divorce, so the entire time we’re watching this season we actually know the outcome of their relationship.

I love that Tammy has a new boy toy Eddie, who seems like a total attention whore. She’s kind of crazy, but so was her husband Simon. I think it’s time for her to retire from the show, bring in some new blood. Whatever happened to the kids?

Gretchen…wasn’t she the one that married that old guy for his money? Now she’s with that dude Slade that was on the original season with another girl…except now he’s broke and living off Gretchen. Ya…enough said.

Alexis…frigin Alexis. Honestly, she cracks me up with her ‘fashion couture line’ and her this…and her that. Please, girl you don’t do anything…creating your own fashion line doesn’t make you a business women. All she does is explain to a seamstress the type of look she wants…and that’s it. There’s no talent behind that, all there is, is a huge chunk of money from your nasty husband. And why do you need an assistant? It just amazes me, that these women really think they need assistants, and on-hand make up artists…when they do nothing. By the way, her husband is disgusting. Dollar signs…girl I know that’s all you saw.

Vicki…is actually one of my favourites. I love her, I think she’s awesome as a mom and a business women. I feel bad for her, because she really wanted to stay married forever but it didn’t work out for her.

Who else? Oh that one that suffered from baby depression. I love her husband, I honestly think he’s the coolest guy ever. He seems so relaxed, easy-going and fun. She has her moments.

Season finale is next week. I wonder what they’re going to do for the next season…hopefully they’ll bring in some new blood. Or they might just cancel the show…since all these couples are ending in divorce. There’s no more houses for these girls to be wifed up in.

Then again, they could always start a fashion line…


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