The Challenge Rivals: UPDATE!

It just keeps getting better and better every week! MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals is halfway finished…and these last two weeks have been the best episodes yet! Sarah and Kaitlynn (Real World: Brooklyn) get the boot last week…after Jenne and Jasmine (Real World: Cancun) finish them off in the Jungle. It was an amazing win for the rookie girls…especially after Sarah seemed so confident she would win it. The rookies have been killin’ it this season…it seems like the year of the underdogs.

Speaking of underdogs…my favourite pair CT and Adam get voted into the Jungle with Evan and Nehemiah.

Evan throws the challenge, placing Nehemiah and himself in the bottom, putting them automatically into the elimination round. (Evan thought by putting himself in the Jungle he would beat CT and Adam, sending CT home) Obviously, everyone else votes for CT and Adam to join them in the jungle, in hopes of eliminating the biggest threat- CT. But their plan backfires BIGTIME, as Evan (clearly out of shape) fails to win inside the Jungle, they get the boot, CT is still alive and I love it!

Who knew these Challenges were full of drama and romance? After a few years, Adam finally admits his feelings for Jenn, but she doesn’t really feel the same about him. (He’s still cute though) And obviously, who doesn’t love CT? Mandi gets super jealous after CT starts flirting with Laurel…and in the midst of her jealousy she sleeps with Wes (ew).

Stay tuned for next week.

Here’s a look at whose left. (Mike Mike is missing from the picture as he was added to the cast later on)


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