Jersey Shore!! Episode 2











Last night was the second episode of the Jersey Shore!! Lots of stuff went down yesterday…literally everyone kept falling.

Deena is really letting loose this season, she’s definitely a blast in a glass. Snooki needs to realize the Vatican is in Rome, not Florence. Mike needs to stop confessing his love for Snooki.Jenny needs to find a bathroom and stop urinating in public. Pauly should start carding girls to make sure they’re not underage. Sam needs to take a plane back to Jersey before anymore of her tears land on Italian soil. Ronnie needs to keep looking good and find someone else other than Vinny in that jacuzzi. And last but not least, Vinny needs to make sure he stays alive in Florence with his MAP or else the others wouldn’t be able to find there way around the city.

There you have it…the summary of last night’s episode.

Here’s another one of my videos to keep you entertained and up to date.



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