The Challenge:Rivals FINALE!!!

Last night was the final episode in MTV’s The Challenge: Rivals. I didn’t get to watch the entire episode, but obviously tuned in to see who won it all. Like I predicted…Johnny and Tyler for the men and Evelyn and Paula for the women.

The challenge was the longest challenge in MTV history with contestants having to sleep on a mountain over night and continue the race in the morning. One teammate would have to stand on a rock while the other teammate got to sleep…if you fell off the rock you would have to change positions until sunrise.

Mandi and Jenn DQed before heading up the mountain because they took to long completing the tent puzzle thing…the producer told them it would be too dark for them to continue…so they couldn’t compete anymore. Sucks for Jen who has been in these Challenges many times, and has made it to a few final races but has never won anything.

My favourite rookies LeRoy and MikeMike tried their best…I think they DQed as well (I missed that part) but they weren’t able to continue on. Which left only 2 teams for the women and men.

First place got 100,00

Second place got 50,000 which isn’t too bad for Laurel/Cara and Kenny/Wes.

Here are your winners!! (still wish CT and Adam would have won)

Stayed tuned for the next Real World:Back to San Diego (I called that). It starts September 28.

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