The Challenge: Rivals Reunion

Wednesday night was the second to last episode of our favourite MTV Challenge The Rivals. The episode was the ‘reunion’ special which brought back the cast, and we got to see them answer some interesting questions. However, this time the entire cast wasn’t present. It was just the final 4 teams for the guys and the final 3 teams for the girls.

Kind of lame if you ask me…I would’ve liked to see the entire cast there (even the ones voted off first).

Anyways, not much happened. Johnny was still dying to get some attention, because for once the drama didn’t involve him. Jenn (Real World Denver) was really going off on everyone during the reunion special. First, she lost it on Laurel, and then as soon as Adam tried explaining their romance in Costa Rica- Jenn flipped out on him! The drama doesn’t end when the show does…these girls/guys still have it out for one another even when the show is finished!


Check out next week for The Sh*t They Should’ve Shown.

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