TIFF 2011

TIFF 2011 officially starts up tomorrow…and for someone that was genuinely excited to see a film (I’m a film student), I’m having trouble finding tickets.

At first, I wanted to take my mother to The Ides of March, the much talked about film by George Clooney. Obviously, the film is completely sold out, and my only chances of getting a glimpse of this film before it hits major theatres is to wait in the rush lines Saturday morning. Lame.

I gave up on seeing anything remotely popular…and began to think of indie films people might not want to see. Again, I’m having trouble finding tickets to films that are not even in English!!

Honestly, what is going on!! TIFF is bigger than ever…and us measly film students can’t even get a pair of decent tickets!!

For those of you who already have your tickets…well then you’re pretty darn lucky! The rest…I’ll see you in the rush lines.

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