Clooney’s New Romance!

Last night was the gala premiere of The Ides of March starring Ryan Gosling,Marisa Tomei,Paul Giamatti, and directed by George Clooney. We decided to ‘crash’ the gala premiere by visiting the Roy Thompson Hall (Toronto)…and then realized there were 5000 other people who had the same idea.

Let me say this, if we really wanted to sneak into the premiere we totally could have. Our subway station exit led us right into the foyer of the Roy Thompson Hall…we should’ve ran for the bathrooms and waited in there!! But, seeing how were respectful members of society…and really I was afraid of those TIFF volunteers in orange shirts…we ran outside and made our way to the lines.

The rush line shouldn’t of been called a rush line…because it extended for literally miles. I don’t know why people in the middle thought that they would even get tickets to see the movie. I mean, if you have gala tickets to see The Ides of March you’re definitely not missing it. The girl at the front was literally waiting for 7 hours…yikes!!

Moving on to more important events that happened last night. We waited an hour for the black-tinted SUVs to arrive on the red carpet. Obviously, Ryan Gosling and George Clooney were the last ones…along with BONO from U2…yes we saw Bono.

For all the Clooney romance rumours that have been circulating about him dating Stacy Keibler…it’s TRUE. She showed up at the premiere last night maybe 25 minutes before he arrived (obviously arriving seperately)…but regardless she’s definitely hooking up with the Cloons.

Ryan Gosling was amazing, he went around the entire red carpet and signed autographs for fans that had been waiting for hours. He’s Canadian…why wouldn’t he do that??

Anyways, it’s only day 3 of TIFF 2011 and there’s lots more to come from our beloved film festival. Including a ton of more parties…which I happened to stumble upon last night walking from King St to Yonge. We saw a bunch of flashing lights…and a small mob of paparrazi…asked what party this was and she said ‘The Ides of March After-Party”…this ish doesn’t only happen in Hollywood! Haay!

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One thought on “Clooney’s New Romance!

  1. kingtrumpsace September 10, 2011 / 2:58 PM

    I was in downtown yesterday for training and wanted to go celebrity sighting so bad, but was too tired. 😦

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