RHBH: Rich B*tches in Colorado!

This week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was interesting as usual. The ladies head to Colorado to visit Camille and her mega-mansion she’s putting up for sale because of the divorce with Kelsey Grammar.

I really love that Bravo’s focusing on Adrienne and her husband’s disputes more now, as if they’re trying to stir up possible separation rumours. On the other side of the street…Lisa gets ready for the 3 day trip (well her maid does the packing for her)…is it just me or does Lisa seem annoyed at everything?

Once the housewives arrive in Colorado…they get in the limo only to find out the main roads have been closed…so the trip to Camille’s is actually 4 hours…instead of a shorter ride. After that long drive, they finally get to the huge house on the mountain and the ladies have to fight for the perfect guest room. In the beginning of the episode I noticed that Taylor looked like she had lost a lot of weight…her neck bones kept popping out…which is kind of weird because I’m sure she’s had some serious plastic surgery to fix that ish. It was hard to notice all that…especially because her lips seemed like they grew out more…maybe because of the weight loss…but she just seemed like a mess.

When the ladies return home after a day of skiing, some of them take a nap, while Taylor and Kyle opt for a hottub/serious chat- outdoors. Taylor starts opening up about her marriage with Russell, and that her therapist says it will take at least a year for the resentment to fade away. Kyle starts asking Taylor more questions as to why she’s unsatisfied in the marriage…and why doesn’t she just leave him…and at that moment I think we see the real Taylor that was there all along….she just never showed her true colours in the last season. Like any other woman, she’s just afraid of being alone.

On the previews for next week’s episode…we see a completely distraught Taylor…Adrienne tells her she’s having a nervous breakdown, obviously more information about Russell and their marriage came out while they were all in Colorado. Guess we’ll have to wait and see next week’s episode!


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