90210 Season Premiere!

Last night was the season premiere of the CW’s 90210. Everyone was anxiously awaiting the premiere of the famous teen-show that had viewers in shock last season. If you don’t remember how they left us…we found out Naomi was pregnant,Liam left on a fishing boat, Ivy and her man got married, and Annie became a millionaire.

When the premiere started, they obviously showed us the ending of last season’s finale…which ended off with Naomi telling Max she’s pregnant. The episode begins…and Naomi’s in a doctor’s office where she’s waiting for results with Max. In literally 30 seconds, we find out exactly what happened to her baby (there was no baby, she was never pregnant). And then, Naomi comes back to reality where she’s sitting in an airplane and the woman beside her goes “Bad dream” and Naomi replies, “No, bad memory” …Nice dialogue…So we clearly know the first scene really did happen with Max, and she isn’t pregnant. Way to ruin the cliffhanger.

We get to see everyone on the beach (yay end summer!)…and a weird looking Raj whose supposed to look like he’s in Chemo…except they made him look really dusty and awkward. Dickson finds out his roommate is actually a girl…thanks Navid, and Annie has to sort things out with a lawyer about all the money she’s just inherited.

Naomi returns to BH…obviously still in love with Max but in denial…she’s on a hunt for the perfect mansion. She finds one and throws a huge party. Liam returns to Annie…and proposes. Weird. He really needs a new haircut. She rejects him.

Wow, I guess a lot of stuff did happen! Damn these teen dramas. Navid’s sister moves in with him and Silver…Naomi encounters a hot cowboy when she’s house shopping…when she finally moves in she realizes he’s been growing a Mary J grow op in the backyard. At her party, the neighbours complain to the cops that the music is too loud…a police officer arrives and says she needs to turn down the music, and put out the bon fire…she forgets. Hot cowboy guy arrives with Dickson…apparently they’re roommates now.

Liam returns again! With the same ring! But this time he’s wearing a tuxedo…and followed by a small group of romantic music players. He asks Annie to marry him again, she says no, again.

Cops return to Naomi’s mansion party…this time in helicopters. Just when she realizes there are trees of weed everywhere…and her bonfire is still burning…she throws all the weed into the fire…and Naomi is going to jail. The ending was a little weird, when Naomi returned home to Annie and Silver neither of them mentioned her night in jail/legal issues. Instead, they went over her relationship with Max, and what exactly happened/didn’t happen between them.

Anyways, back to Liam. After spending his night at the local beach bar (new set)…we find him waking up in the morning on the beach…beside the bar…that has a ‘sold’ sign on it…and one of the bartenders walking toward him…and yells out “Hey Boss!”…which would lead us to wonder..how would he know Liam’s his boss when he wasn’t even working the night Liam bought the joint?Thank god for television magic!! Oh well. And, to top it all off…Teddy finally tells his dad he’s gay…through voicemail. Yay!

BTW…This is “Teddy”

One thought on “90210 Season Premiere!

  1. ashley September 19, 2011 / 6:19 PM

    Thanks you so much for the summaryI cant believe i missed it naomi and max should be together!

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