Jersey Shore: Lez Be Honest!

Last night was another episode of the Jersey Shore…and if you missed it…you missed out!! It was a jammed packed episode…the gang goes to the beach…and lez be honest…Deena is one crazy meatball! I’ve never laughed so hard in any Jersey Shore episode (well maybe the one where Snooki announces she’s a veterinarian assist) but really…I died of laughter last night.

So the gang goes to some beach town (forgot the name)…but it isn’t like any beach town in America that might be filled with white-trash junkies, or stoned surfer dudes. This is Italy…and everyone has CLASS. Clearly, the Jersey Shore crew did not know this…and made a complete mockery of themselves…I’ll correct myself. Deena and Snooki made a mockery of themselves…surprisingly the boys behaved…and Jenn & Sammi were too sober to cause any mischief. Leave it to the two meatballs to completely go ballistic on these Italian beach town people…get hammered out of their minds…and show their cuca to the entire club.

The girls arrive and decide to hit the bar. Jenni & Sam decide not to drink anymore…they head back to the hotel. The meatball’s are walking to the hotel…when they become distracted by loud techno music playing from a distance. They start walking in the direction of the music…and find ‘heaven’. Whilst in ‘heaven’ the meatballs start dancing around…on an empty dancefloor…and when Snooki decides to run at Deena…Deena moves out of the way and Snooki goes crashing into the bushes nearby. Funniest moment ever!!

Can I just say…when you’re under 5ft and drinking in the afternoon…and you know you’re going to a club later on…is the worst idea! Chances are, you won’t even make it to the club- their cab ride to the club…looked like the cab ride HOME. Deena and Snooki couldn’t even keep their eyes open.

Then, once the girls got to the club…they couldn’t keep their hands off each other!! These 2 are crazy…poor Jenni who had to act like the mom for the night and take care of the 2 drunks. The next morning, Pauly/Mike/Vinny make fun of Ronnie and how he keeps taking catch phrases from them…like ‘Oh Yeah!’…apparently Pauly has copyrighted that phrase…so beware. They return to the hotel to find the two meatballs still asleep…finally once everyone is awake- they had back to Florence.

At home, the two meatballs decide to ‘get back into their routine’ and hit the gym. (BTW the gym they go to is a good 40 minutes away from where they’re staying) So, on the way to the gym…we see a sound guy sitting in the back seat of the Fiat…and then Boom! Snooki crashes into a police car. Uh oh!

Poor Snooki, I actually felt so bad for her, they tested her alcohol level…an ambulance came to take away the injured police officer- which I don’t get why…the car was parked on the side of the street…and the meatballs weren’t even going fast.

Tune in next week to see what happens to Snooks.

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