Vampire Diaries: Let’s Talk About The Premiere

Last night was the season premiere of The Vampire Diaries.- and it definitely didn’t dissapoint. I was worried all the hype wouldn’t amount too much, kind of like the 90210 premiere, but like every Vampire Diaries episode, it sent chills down my spine (Andy scene) and tears in my eyes (phone call scene).

The one thing I love about Vampire Diaries, and no other show can accomplish this effect (well no other teen drama)…is that they make us- the viewers, feel like we’re watching a legit scary movie. There have been so many VD episodes where I forget I’m watching a teen drama on the CW network…because the scenes are well done, and very chilling. Take for example, last night’s episode where Damon walks into the empty/dark studio looking for Andy…instead he runs into Stefan. Or even when Andy was in the studio, and the light kept shining on her…even though we knew it was Stefan behind the light…it had such a mysterious feel to it, the dead silence, it was just awesome. They do a really well job on this show…and same goes for the writing. When I watch 90210, or Gossip Girl, I instantly feel like I’m watching a cheesy teen-drama, but with VD it’s hard to tell, the writers always take us on this wild ride with all the characters and each of their stories.

Speaking of characters, how hot is Jeremy now? He’s totally grown-up, and has a lot of muscles. Another character that’s really smokin’ now is Klaus! Who knew? Tyler looks good, but Tyler always looked good…if only he was a little taller.

Did anyone notice 7th Heaven’s David Gallagher last night…the guy that Klaus and Stefan were throwing darts at. I didn’t understand that scene/why they wanted information out of him.

So the whole Stefan/Elena/Damon situation is really sad. They actually had me at tears when Stefan walks out into the parking lot and calls Elena. It’s kind of like the scene in The OC when Marisa calls Ryan (he’s sleeping with Theresa)…he picks up…doesn’t answer back…but Ryan knows it’s Marisa. Yeah, it’s okay we know you copied The OC.

Anyways, that was really sad. Obviously, the writers had to find some way of making Stefan evil again…so that Damon and Elena can fall in love, and then they’ll make Stefan good again, just in time to witness his brother’s betrayal. You get the point…but you still have to watch and see!



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