90210: WTF!?

Last night was another new episode of 90210. I’m just going to say it- this season is boooooooring! I mean compared to Vampire Diaries, nothing really interesting happens. Not to mention, that I can literally predict everything thats going to happen. Like that random guy that Annie met in college. Guess what Annie, you just lost your money! Apparently Marla’s family is fighting so that Annie doesn’t get her money. Except for the fact that Marla left her entire estate to Annie, after Annie worked for her last season. Annie confesses to random guy that she knew Marla was suicidal and she didn’t do anything about it, he turns out to be the grandson of Marla (secretly sent to spy on Annie…wtf?) Then accuses her of murdering his grandmother/not telling anyone she had issues. Clearly if you were a good grandson, and visited your grandmother on a regular basis- you would realize she has mental issues. Dumbass.

Navid and Silver are boring me.

Teddy was nowhere to be found…which is really dissapointing. I love seeing him surf…without his wet suit on.

Anyways, Naomi tried out for one of the sorority’s…after everything she did…the head b*tch tells Naomi (although she completed everything asked of her)…she will never be invited into the sorority because the house Naomi just bought…was supposed to be their new ‘home’. As if there aren’t enough houses in Beverly Hills.

We finally find out what’s wrong with Liam. Although, everything’s wrong with Liam.  He can never be happy and normal. So he ends up buying the Beach Bar for $25,000. Which is actually an amazing bargain if you think about it. A bar on the beaches of Malibu…surely it costs more than that. Then…the past he’s been trying to hide for 1 episode finally shows up…apparently on his boating trip in the summer he asked some guy to take his shift…during that time the guy died. (Imagine Deadliest Catch) Liam blames himself, that guy’s wife shows up…and Liam is in love with her. Next week Annie finds out…it’s going to be a sh*t show. Don’t miss it!

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