Charlie’s Angels Suck

Last night was the series premiere of ABC’s Charlie’s Angels. It absolutely sucked. Not that I had high hopes for it, but since it is a new show…I wanted to support it- especially of the history behind Charlie’s Angels.

But, damn was the writing ever bad. The acting was bad…don’t get me wrong…but how can an actor act when their lines aren’t decent. They sounded really cheesy, and it wasn’t believable. I think the Angels have had way too many spinoffs…they should have left it with the film.

Not only was the writing terrible, but yes the acting wasn’t great either. The characters weren’t believable…I almost felt like I was watching a comedy- or a really poorly financed television show. Minka Kelly (who everyone was anticipating) wasn’t that great- apparently her role was written for her. I don’t know why people assumed she was such a great actress…because she was in 2 seasons of Friday Night Lights? Or because she acted in The Roommate. Which was a terrible movie!!! It was supposed to be a horror…and all I did was laugh. Nope.

And the blonde chic? I don’t get it. She seems to bitchy.

And the black one. She doesn’t even look like she wants to be in the show! It’s like they needed to mix it up-and not have a bunch of white people.

Like Bosley…come on…isn’t Bosley supposed to be like their father. He was more like their brother.

Wasn’t feeling it. And neither were a lot of other critics.

Cross this new fall show off your list.


2 thoughts on “Charlie’s Angels Suck

  1. LISA September 24, 2011 / 11:45 PM


    • IC88 September 25, 2011 / 10:16 AM

      LOL inno right!

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