How To Make It: Kid Cudi Gets Some

If you’re not already watching this show, well then you need to. How To Make It In America is amazing…especially if you’re looking for a show that can be a replacement for Entourage.

The one character I don’t like is- Rachel. She doesn’t even look the part of her character who is supposed to be Ben’s love interest. She looks like she’s 40, she has man brows…and her nose could serve as a coat hanger. She’s just ugly and since the first episode I’ve never liked her and Ben together. When Ben and his current girlfriend (blondie) break up…Rachel thinks it might be a chance for her and Ben to get back together. Last season they broke up…her decision because Ben wasn’t taking life seriously and she had a rich boyfriend. Once he started up his fashion company she began taking him more seriously…but too late. Anyways, so Ben tells her he’s happy they can be good friends instead of two lovers always hurting each other. Lonely and depressed she calls the neighborhood weed guy (Kid Cudi)…and they end up hooking up.

Awkward because Ben and Kid Cudi (his character’s name is Domingo)…are actually good friends.

Cam and his crush LuLu have a lunch date with her dad whose actually some rich painter. They’re dynamic is really cute because they’re complete opposites…but he’s totally crushing on her and she doesn’t know if she’s 100% into him. Anyways the dad really likes Cam- who wouldn’t. Cam really wants to impress LuLu and ends up renting his own apartment in the projects.

The Barney’s woman who Ben and Cam met last week is totally hitting on Ben. After allowing the ‘Crisp’ guys to design a shirt for her son’s private school…she tells Ben that she’ll have something lined up for him in a few weeks. And then compliments him on his ‘cute’ ears.

It’s about to get a whole lot better.

Keep watching!

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