How To Make It: ALL NEW

On this week’s episode of How To Make It In America Ben finds out his longtime on/off girlfriend Rachel is actually hooking up with one of his best friends (Kid Cudi). Ben’s usually the cool and calm guy…but he actually loses it when Rachel tells him she’s been seeing Cudi. After Cudi lied to Ben and didn’t tell him they were actually ‘dating’ Ben calls out Cudi…and they’re no longer talking to each other.

When the lady from Barney’s looks at Ben’s look book…she tells him to get someone else to model…other than Ben and Cam. (Totally predicting a fling between her and Ben) Anyways, in the end Ben and Cam take pictures of Lulu’s father whose some famous painter in NYC. The pictures look really cool…especially because her father’s obviously older…and he’s wearing their clothing that looks really fashionable on him.

David Kaplan (Guy from American Pie) confesses to Ben that he’s under investigation from the government…and that he probably will end up in jail…losing all his money. Uh-Oh!

The season’s just getting hotter so make sure you tune in!

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