9O21O: Abercrombie & Liam

Last night’s episode of 90210 was…really boring. I’m really dissapointed in this season’s episodes…and this isn’t the first time I’ve said this. Predictions for this season? This might be 90210’s final season…because it just isn’t flying right.

I really feel like the writer’s are lost…or maybe just one writer (is that why this show sucks now?) Anyways, I really hope the season picks up…but the only thing worth waiting for is Raj dying…and Dickson having an overdose. Lame!

Anyways, to be honest I’m not even sure what last night’s episode was about. I know Liam denied the fact that super stardom was starring at him…and finally in the end he agreed to pose shirtless for the Hollywood Blvd ads. He actually looks like a Abercrombie&Fitch model!

Adrianna handcuffs herself to Dickson for 24-hours to save him from using drugs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work because Dickson starts sweating profusely (apparently the only reaction to withdrawals)…and once free from Adrianna hits up the nearest dealer.

Annie breaks up with her older sugar daddy…when he tries to help her with her blogging assignment by sending over Perez Hilton. Yes, Perez Hilton did make a cameo appearance (for a second). She gets mad at him for always assuming he can buy his way to her…in the end he makes up for it by confessing his love for her and they’re back together.

Do you see why this show is so boring!? Nothing ever happens! And when it does…in the end it just goes back to where we started in the beginning of the episode!! Moving on to Naomi…she decides to throw a party with her enemy Holly. I don’t know why she thought throwing a party with Holly was a good idea..but anyways…they throw a costume party…which I was wondering about because was it for Halloween…or was it just for the party? Confused…anyways Holly finds a way to sabotage Naomi’s party (obviously)…Naomi confesses she likes Austin in the confessional booth…and Holly broadcasts it to the entire party.

Can you predict the ending? Well I did. Austin sees the confession…and now him and Naomi are together.

Surprised? Didn’t think so.

Seriously…I don’t even want to write about the Navid/Silver storyline. Can someone tell me why the detective Navid’s working with looks like she’s his age…and possibly a potential love interest for Navid? Look, I’ll save you the confusion…Navid and Silver break up because Navid chooses to work for his uncle. Except he’s not really working for his uncle, he’s just working ‘undercover’ to get enough information on his uncle to send him to prison. But, since the LAPD hires 18-year olds as investigators…Navid is most likely going to fall in love with her. Bye Silver.

Come on 90210! Step it up!

Next week they all head to Vegas…and Yay! We get to see Vinny G from Jersey Shore!

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