9O21O: Your Weekly Update!

Last night was another new episode of 90210…unfortunately for Vampire Diaries fans we have to wait until January 5th for new episodes…but the people at 9O21O are bringing us new episodes every week! Which sucks…anyways.

Liam is suddenly enthusiastic about something…he is determined to cook an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for his friends. Since he has money…and never had any good holidays growing up…he wants to bring everyone together for the holidays. His mother shows up out of nowhere…and we later find out she only shows up because she wants money from Liam. (Now that he’s famous and rich)

Annie tells Dickson to keep his drug addiction a secret…but he doesn’t…instead he tells everyone. Annie is dissapointed…and she’s under investigation (maybe) because she’s been a prostitute for most of this season. She starts lying to everyone…obviously she can’t tell them the truth that she’s been sleeping around for money. Instead, she confesses to Silver that she received the inheritance money.

Silver meets a new guy…and finally realizes she’s over Navid and moves on to the next dude.

Ivy and Raj have a huge fight..mostly because in the beginning of the episode Raj knows he’s going to survive…and both of them want to live very seperate lives. They realize that they both never thought their marriage would be ‘forever’ since Raj had cancer. Now that he’s going to live…they’re debating whether or not they should be married. In the end, Raj receives a call from his doctor telling him the cancer isn’t gone…and that he’s probably going to die. Without knowing, Ivy comes back to him and tells hims she loves him and will always be there for him. He doesn’t want to burden her any longer and tells her they can’t be together…and he leaves. (so sad)

Adrianna and Dickson are officially a couple (weird).

What else…oh Naomi and Austin fight as usual…but in the end they makeup.


That’s it…are you surprised?

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