THE CHALLENGE: battle of the exes

So last night was the premiere of the 22nd season of MTV’s The Challenge. Every season has it’s own theme…which determines how the cast is going to be teamed up. Last season it was The Challenge:Rivals….so cast members were paired up with their known ‘rival’. This season, the cast is paired up with their exes…and it looks like it’s going to be a cray cray season.

Before we get into the cast, I just wanted to say that I’m actually, legitimately surprised and annoyed that BMP and MTV still haven’t brought on one cast member from the New Orleans season to take part in The Challenge. When The Rivals premiered…Twitter was blowing up with the NOLA cast members talking about how they weren’t casted. Which could have been understandable, there wasn’t a huge rivarly going on in the NOLA season…unless you want to count Preston and Ryan, or Preston and Jemmy…or Eric and Ryan…basically everyone had a rivalry with Ryan…but maybe Ryan just wasn’t available for the show (who knows).

But, this time around…they honestly could’ve chosen Knight and Jemmy…they’ve had one of the craziest relationships on MTV’s The Real World…and I’m just surprised why they weren’t included, yet again. Preston RTed me last night saying that the NOLA season was considered to be ‘the lost season’ because they’ve never been recognized. Even two cast members from the new San Diego season are in it!! And they were never in a relationship! They made out…like once. Seriously, someone needs to get their s*** together.

Anyways, here’s a look at the new cast: Thank goodness CT is in it again…and really Johnny Bananas needs to get a life he’s in every single one of these Challenges-and he always makes it to the finals. Paula same goes for you.


1.Abram and Cara Maria

2.C.T and Diem (They almost got married)

3.Dunbar and Paula

4.Dustin and Heather

5.Johnny and Camila (When were they ever together??)

6.LeRoy and Naomi (I love them)

7.Mark and Robin

8.Nate and Priscilla

9.Rachel and Aneesa (Only same gender team)

10.Ty and Emily (This one should be interesting)

11.Tyrie and Jasmine (They’re both looneys)

12.Vinny and Sarah (He’s so hot, she’s not)

13.Wes and Mandi

My picks for the final challenge would probably be CT and Diem, Johnny and Camila,Dunbar and Paula…and hopefully LeRoy and Naomi.

Here’s a look at this season’s trailer. The season starts January 25th on MTV…be sure to check back here for all your weekly Challenge updates. Or follow me on Twitter @tasha_ic

One thought on “THE CHALLENGE: battle of the exes

  1. Arev December 21, 2011 / 11:52 PM

    k i am PUMPED! ive loved ct and diem since they first ever happened. i was heartbroken when they broke up..did you know she was with derrick at one point? cant wait to see wessssssssssssss

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