Vampire Diaries: ExBoyfriends Suck!

O-M-G! Last night’s episode of Vampire Diaries definitely surpassed the excitement meter. Last week’s opener was alright, but this week they definitely hit the spot. I was sitting at the edge of my seat the entire time, and although they didn’t give us another Damon/Elena kiss…they gave us a lot more ex-boyfriend drrraaama.

Finally, Caroline is back from skipping out on last week’s episode. She actually looks like she lost weight, too bad for Tyler. I’m assuming its the first day back to school (since the holidays)…Caroline and Tyler totally have a ‘Coldplay’ moment…and I say that in quotations because a song by Coldplay started playing right when Caroline sees Tyler in the school parking lot. (Ugh so cheesy, love it!) He tells her that he still loves her…even though he has this pull towards Klaus and everything Klaus tells him to do. Caroline isn’t phased by his good looks and lack of height…she’s clearly trying to move on.

Elena tells Bonnie about Jeremy leaving Mystic Falls. Bonnie isn’t too excited about the news, since she still has feelings for Elena’s younger brother…who is now her ex boyfriend…and apparently leaving for Denver. Bonnie and Stefan are still trying to figure out how to open the last coffin…when Damon and Stefan arrive at the witch house where the coffins are…they sense another vampire there. They find a hybrid lurking around, immediately kill him, but Stefan is determined to get rid of all the hybrids Klaus is creating.

There’s some weird Mystic Falls fund raising event happening at Tyler’s house for the bridge that Elena’s parents got killed on. Apparently, they plan on finishing it…and not have it end off a cliff. (Hazard much?) Alaric meets some weird doctor chic while he’s at the hospital (last week’s episode)…he definitely has the hots for her…but there’s something weird about her. She shows up at the fundraising party, and he meets her ‘ex-boyfriend’ who warns Alaric about her…and Alaric obviously doesn’t listen to him because he likes doctor girl.

It’s also Caroline’s birthday…which means a bunch of friends drinking in a catacomb (but that’s totally normal in Mystic Falls). Elena, Bonnie, Matt and Caroline gather inside this tomb and start celebrating. In the middle of the partying, Tyler shows up because he wants to discuss something with Caroline. They go outside to talk, Tyler tells Caroline that he’s in love with her and Klaus doesn’t have any control over him.

*In the beginning of the episode, Klaus tells Tyler he wants him to bite Caroline, obviously Tyler refuses, but when he starts kissing Caroline, he accidentally/purposely bites her*

Tyler’s a werewolf, which means his bite could kill Caroline. Caroline freaks out, she thinks Tyler did it on purpose, he didn’t, but he realizes the kind of control Klaus has over him. He runs away…thanks for ruining her birthday Tyler!!

Bonnie ditches the party, Matt and Elena go outside to look for Caroline, somehow Stefan shows up grabs Elena and takes off. They’re both in his car speeding on some highway, heading for the bridge that killed Elena’s parents. Stefan calls Klaus and threatens to kill Elena (well turn her into a vampire which would ruin all his hybrid plans). At the last second, Elena is freaking out because Stefan is about to kill her, Klaus agrees to not make anymore hybrids…and it looks as if Stefan wins this round.

Except not really because Elena is furious with him…Stefan doesn’t care…and tells Elena he doesn’t care what she thinks of him anymore (ouch)…he drives off and leaves her alone on the bridge. Honestly, I don’t know how the writers are going to pull out of this one, Stefan is way too far gone. He’s such a douche bag now.

Klaus arrives at Caroline’s…and agrees to save her life if the council (Bonnie’s mom) agrees to help Klaus out. Klaus lets Caroline drink his blood, which ultimately saves her life. Klaus and Caroline definitely have a moment, and Twitter was blowing up with responses to this scene saying there might be a romance between the two (loves it!). The next morning, Caroline wakes up- Yay she’s alive…and has a present from Klaus. It’s a diamond bracelet…way nicer than the one Tyler gave her for her birthday!

In the final scene, Bonnie alerts Stefan about a murder in the forest. At first he thinks it’s just another vampire killing, but it’s actually a straight up murder…and it’s the ex-boyfriend of that weird girl Alaric has the hots for.

Wonder what’s going to happen next week! Stay tuned.

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