Jersey Shore: MeatBall Madness

As if we didn’t see enough Meatball Madness in Italy and Jersey Shore:Season 3, the meatballs’ Deena and Snooki brought the drunken madness to Season 5, and I think this time-Seaside was ready for the s*** show.

I always loved watching Snooki and JWOW beat the beat in Karma, but I have to admit, Snooki and Deena meatballing it on the boardwalk is even better!! These two crack me up, and if you know what it’s like to be that intoxicated with your partner in crime, you would enjoy it to! These girls are actually insane, I think if I saw them walking down the boardwalk, I would think 2 hookers were just released from the mental institution! They were dressed up, they walked down the boardwalk to the nearest bar, and did what every summer tourist at Seaside would do, dance on the bar ’till your a** was hangin’ out (which for these two isn’t that long).

They’re just really entertaining to watch, especially with all the Vinny drama, it was a breath of fresh air. So Vinny finally gets home to his momma, and Pauly D is having a hard time coping with his boyfriend being gone. When he gets to the club to tell everyone that Vinny left, JWOW breaks the news to Deena…and she loses it. Clearly, she’s had too much to drink, and she starts crying over Vinny! My favourite line was…”Vinny, he’s like my soul”.

It’s Pauly’s birthday weekend, and all he really wanted was his best friend by his side. Oh, and it was also Mike’s birthday. Vinny’s family visits him (a bunch of old people) but his mom brought him a special gift, his barber from back home. The crew head to Rivolli’s for a birthday dinner, and Mike feels a little jealous towards Pauly for getting all the birthday attention. Back home, everyone gets ready to go out. Pauly meets some grenade from Bolivia…who is clearly DTF. She hangs around Mike and Pauly all night, finally Pauly takes her mom- Mike already had his main squeeze Paula.

Once they get home, Bolivia isn’t down to hook up with Pauly, all she wants to do is go in the room and ‘talk’. Pauly has had enough, all he wanted was birthday sex, he’s not getting it, so he calls her a cab. She leaves, he’s ready for bed, Sammi and Paula have a heart to heart. It seems like Mike is really falling for Paula.

A few minutes later, Bolivia comes back to the house!! Pauly answers the door and tells her to leave, she says she doesn’t want to leave, she’d rather stay and talk to Mike. At this point, everyone knows she’s crazy…Mike has no idea who she is. He tells her he has Paula usptairs, and it’s not going to happen tonight. After being rejected twice…and embarrassing herself on national tv…she leaves the house. WTF! What kind of girls do these guys bring back!!

Not much else happens, Jionni and Snooki get it in, “The Unit” gets thrown out of the club, and Mike actually cries for being labelled the ‘bad’ guy.

Hopefully, Vinny comes back next week…and brings some sense of sanity back to the house.


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