Battle Of The Exes: Las Vegas Shut Down!

I don’t understand how these episodes keep getting better and better. It’s probably because couples are getting disqualified at a very fast and abnormal rate!! Last week it was Sarah and Vinny who was sent home (after Vinny pulled down Mandi’s top in a club) Sucks for Sarah since she had no part in his creepy drunk ways.

This week, the episode opens up with Dustin injured and Heather by his side. We find out Dustin was just running around the house (I’m assuming for exercise) and he slipped on the rock-hard stairs outside. He cut his knee open…and there was blood everywhere! I couldn’t watch. Anyways, he gets sent to the hospital returns with some stitches…and all is good.

Um…no. Right before Dustin and Heather are about to compete, TJ tells them Dustin is unable to continue on with the challenge since his knee can’t be in water…so because he can’t compete he has to go home. Heather being his partner and because she has no other exes (Not true her and Nany made out in Vegas) she has to go home as well. This sucks!

So the challenge was the most amazing challenge I’d ever seen. Couples were put on this wooden board hanging on top of the cliff. TJ had to ask them questions, if they answered wrong the board would throw them off and into the water below. It was amazing! Some of the answers the couples gave were ridiculous. Couples couldn’t help each other out…TJ would ask one ex a question…and another question to the other ex. So you basically were on your own.

Seriously, Noami and LeRoy had the hardest questions!! I didn’t even know the answers to them. Anyways, LeRoy and Naomi fight out the last position with Abram and CaraMaria. The power couple competition was between Rachel and Aneesa (she was injured and Rachel was by herself in the final) and Dunbar and Paula. Dunbar and Paula win their round so they’re in first place.

Wah! LeRoy and Naomi lose to the craziest couple…and they’re sent to the DOME again.

Back at the house, Paula and Dunbar decide who to send into the DOME with LeRoy and Naomi. They choose Emily and Ty (since Emily is the strongest female competitor by far). Paula is obviously scared s***less.

Emily is totally pissed off that Paula would vote her in. I get that Paula’s worried and all, but I think it’s too early to be sending someone powerful like Emily into an elimination round. Now she’s out to get you Paula! I don’t get why they didn’t vote in Jaz and Tyrie.

Anyways, sad to see them go but LeRoy and Naomi were defeated in the DOME challenge which looked freakin’ hard!! Sucks for the Las Vegas season, both couples were eliminated in one episode! That’s crazy! God I love this show.

Here’s a look at whose left.

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