Mad About Mad Men

So, it’s been a slow month or two in the television department. All my favourite shows are on hiatus, which means I’m in search of something else…and obviously I stumbled upon Mad Men.

I’ve always had this infatuation with the 60s in America…but for some reason I never gave this show a chance. I remember watching the Pilot a year ago, and never caught onto it. It seemed slow and boring.

Thank the TV heavens, Netflix cut a deal with AMC and Lionsgate Entertainment to stream the entire season and episodes on their website. I figured, with a free trial, and the new season premiering March 25th…I’d start Mad Men all over again, from episode 1. This time, I was lovestruck. It’s such an amazing show, I regret not watching it from the beginning, but I’m glad to say I’m almost finished Season 3…and can’t wait for the epic Season 4 finale.

I love the characters, I love the wardrobe, and the writing is amazing. Just when you think it’s slowing down, the show picks up again and grabs your attention. They definitely do an amazing job with set dressing and wardrobe, and somehow they’ve gotten away without showing establishing shots, or shots on the city streets. Obviously, those shots would be insanely expensive to do in New York City, they’ve gotten away with it successfully.

After watching two seasons back-to-back, I’ve realized the continuity sucks. Especially since the characters are always smoking or drinking…you can tell when each scene was taken because there will be full drink, and in the next shot their drink is almost empty. Obviously, it’s not a huge deal, but I was surprised to find so many bumps in the continuity, especially on a big production like Mad Men.

All in all, it’s an amazing show. It’s definitely not for everyone, it’s similar to Boardwalk Empire where it is dialogue heavy, you need to pay attention, and if you’re forgiving about the era differences, then you’ll love it.

I’m sure most of you have already seen it, and I’m clearly the last few on the bandwagon.

The new season of Mad Men premieres on AMC March 25th.


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