Jersey Shore: Prank Wars!

The final season of Jersey Shore is dwindling down with only 1 episode left…and I have to say I’m actually really sad. Thankfully, this season at the Shore was way better than the boring season in Italy. This season has been full of hook ups, anxiety attacks, and prank wars.

Mike, who has been trying all season to confess to Jionni that him and Snooki hooked up a month before Italy…which meant Snooki basically cheated on Jionni. Mike’s had a hard time getting his boy ‘The Unit” to fess up to Jionni, since ‘The Unit’ was present when the hook up happened.

Finally, Mike gets Jionni alone, and lets him know everything. Jionni barely reacts, he probably doesn’t believe Mike…and clearly Mike’s entire plan has backfired on him. Jionni and Snooki continue on throughout the morning like nothing happened, but when Mike walks by Snooki she can’t contain herself. She blows up at Mike for trying to sabotage her relationship…Mike stands by his story…and eventually they duke it out with a food fight.

Really…who cares, that entire story was insane. Clearly, Snooki did hookup with Mike or else she wouldn’t care as much as she does, regardless her and Jionni are happy together- so we’ll leave it at that.

The crew decide to go camping for a night, Pauly and Vinny decide to stay back and avoid ‘guido camping’. While the house is busy trying to build a fire, Vinny and Pauly decide to come up with the biggest prank of all, considering they’re time is almost over at the Shore.

They decide to basically move everything outside-inside…and everything inside-outside. It actually looked hilarious once they were done, they had some help from Shore Store owner Danny, and we can’t wait until next week when the rest of the house returns home and finds their living room covered in astro turf.



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