Mad Men Season Finale!

If anyone is wondering; ‘Is it possible to watch all 4 seasons of Mad Men in under a week?’ I can confidently answer, ‘Yes’. I know, I shouldn’t admit to that right?

Thanks to Netflix, and being on Spring Break, I was able to finish all 4 seasons in a few days, and all I can say is it’s an amazing show, but that season 4 finale sucked!

I was actually anticipating an amazing finale, Mad Men fans all over were saying how amazing the finale was, and they couldn’t wait for the season 5 premiere on March 25th. Well, actually I can wait a few more weeks, because really nothing even happened in the finale!! There was no shocking cliffhanger, there was no drastic storyline- well no there was but it didn’t even make sense! Don Draper goes to California with his kids, decides to take his secretary to babysit since his ex-wife fired their caretaker…while in California Don decides that he’s in love with Gap Tooth Girl (aka his secretary) and proclaims his love for her. Once they’re back in Don’s apartment in NYC…which is transitioned by a Cross Dissolve…really a cross dissolve? He proposes to her, and she obviously accepts.

It came out of nowhere, yes they obviously slept together, but Don made sure it was a one time deal, he never thought about her or starred at her through his office door with sad music playing in the background…which basically means he didn’t think twice about her! So how come he wants to marry her all of a sudden? It just didn’t make sense, I feel like the writers or writer had nothing else to do with Don, and it also made his encounter in the end with Betty more interesting. Betty is having second thoughts about her quick marriage to Henry, as she has a final drink in their old kitchen with Don, she tells him this, and hopes he’ll admit he still loves her. However, he tells her he’s getting married, and she’s obviously heartbroken.

I doubt Don and Gap Tooth Girl will end up married. I’m sure something will happen along the way that changes his feelings. Joan is obliviously keeping the baby, her husband is for sure going to die in Vietnam…and hopefully we’ll see what happens to Sterling Cooper in Season 5.

For more on the Mad Men Season Finale, check out this article I read. It’s extremely accurate and hilariously entertaining. I was dying of laughter when I read it.

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