Battle Of The Exes: CT and Diem

Best episode of this season!! Crazy, crazy..the episode started off with CT and Diem voting in another couple to face Ty and Emily in the DOME. My bet was on Paula and Dunbar, you could tell from CT’s face it wasn’t the decision he wanted, but obviously he loves Diem and he went with her decision.

They voted in Paula and Dunbar, and for some reason everyone was criticizing them for the decision they made…saying that voting in P and D was the worst decision they could ever make. I really didn’t understand that, but anyways.

Ty and Emily have really impressed me this season, they’ve been in 3 DOMEs and have pulled through, that to me, shows how much they want to be there, and they deserve to be there. Once again, they fight for their spot.

This season, Paula and Dunbar have not impressed me, Dunbar looks fat and bloated, and Paula looked extremely slow compared to Emily who was jetting it through the eliminated round. Ty beat Dunbar and Emily beat Paula, and it was amazing.

The final challenge was definitely the hardest one they’ve been through. A jet plane was parked in front of a grass field, and the exes would have to run through the crazy wind tunnels carrying patio furniture. CT and Diem were the power couple so they were allowed to choose the order of teams. They chose Johnny and Camila which was the smartest thing they’ve done thus far.

Johnny has no strategy, they just jump into it and fail miserably. They’re eliminated because they passed the 20 minute mark. Mark and Robin are next, they can’t finish in under 20 minutes so they’re DQed as well. Ty and Emily do pretty good, coming in around 10 minutes I think.

Finally, our favourite couple CT and Diem prove once again why they should be married. They work so well together, they finished under 20minutes…and then become power couple once again beating out Ty and Emily!

Personally, I wanted CT and Diem to vote in Mark and Robin because they haven’t done much thus far in the game. They’ve been coasting through, and Robin’s annoying excuses about having a son…and bla bla bla only work so far. Obviously, they wanted Ty and Emily to go in, which I didn’t see fair at all, they’ve been through more DOMEs than anyone else, they legit deserve to be there in the final.

CT and Diem vote in Mark and Robin VS Johnny and Camila. It should be an interesting match up since Mark and Johnny have been in an alliance since Day 1. Diem said she just felt so bad she couldn’t vote in Ty and Emily into another DOME, Mark and Robin need to show they deserve to be there. Just because you’re a vet doesn’t mean you don’t have to see an elimination round.

Can’t wait until next week!!

Here’s a look at whose left…

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