RHONJ: Drama on the Field!

On this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline decides to have the entire crew over for some field game fun, Gia decides she is growing boobies, and Kathy continues to be the peacekeeper.

Jacqueline, who always seems to be one of the peacekeeper’s (Kathy Wakile is the other one), decides to have a fun day of field games at her mansion. In what seems to be another set up day for the show, Lauren (Caroline’s daughter) loses her cool, and admits she would rather have a day with her close family, then spend a few drama filled hours with random families (Wakile’s,Gorga’s,Giudice’s).

I would actually feel the exact same way, it seems anytime all these families are put together, something dramatic ensues, and the show tries to pass all of them off as ‘family’ or close family, but really they’re not related well they are…but just not to Teresa’s fam. Anyways, that field day looked amazing, the amount of bouncy toys in that yard would’ve made any kid happy. Unfortunately, not for Gia who literally freaks out after she catches her uncle Joe cheating in one of the races. Joe was just play cheating, nobody was taking it seriously, but of course 10-yr old Gia freaks out and starts crying that her team lost because her uncle Joe cheated. The other housewives try to calm her down, but really nothing can stop the violent outbursts of a 10-yr old, so Gia retreats to Jacqueline’s basement where she attempts to hide from everyone, and probably the camera crew.

Gia clearly sucks at hiding, she finds cover near the play area but Caroline and Jacqueline find her sitting there and try to talk her out of her mood. She demands for her mother, and insults Jacqueline by saying she didn’t even want to come to field day, she’d rather be down at the Shore with Snooki and her dad Joe. Offended, Jacqueline does what any confused parent would do, and she pulls out a book that will hopefully teach Gia a lesson, but really all it did was point out her flaws and make her feel like a sore loser even more.

In the end, Teresa shows up and gets annoyed with Jacqueline and Caroline for trying to teach her daughter a lesson. She admits she understands why her daughter is upset, she’d rather be at the Shore house with her husband and kids! Like really, why would you admit that to Jacqueline, she’s worked hard to put the field day together, and you’re just going to insult her like that? So rude.

While that’s happening, Kathy takes a chance on Gia, calming her down and nurturing her like any good mother would do. Seriously, Kathy’s amazing. Gia seems to be in a better mood, they go outside for some BBQ, poor Lauren she’s still on her diet and can’t really enjoy much of anything.




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