Suits: Bye Bye Donna!

I’ve recently caught up with the last few episodes of USA’s Suits starring Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams. We are smack dab in the middle of the 2nd season and it’s getting hot and heavy inside Pearson and Hardman!

An old case of Harvey’s is brought back into the picture when his arch nemesis Travis Tanner takes on the case. Not only is he re-opening the case with some new found evidence but he’s suing Harvey for always dressing better than him- no really, Harvey is being sued for apparently ‘hiding’ evidence.

While that’s happening, Handsome Harold can’t keep his eyes off Rachel, he offers to help her out by bringing his entire highlighter collection into her office. I really enjoyed how the writer’s orchestrated their storyline in the midst of all the Harvey drama, they manage to make the audience laugh in between the cold stares and dramatic paper signings.

While Harvey tries to out smart Travis Tanner which seems a daunting challenge in this episode, Mike and Donna are left searching through the case’s old files looking for a piece of evidence that might’ve slipped through. In the late hours, Donna is alone in the file room when she stumbles upon the paper Harvey was looking for. Unfortunately, for Donna the paper was stamped and signed by her! When Harvey asked in the beginning of the episode if Donna had ever seen it, she obviously didn’t remember coming across it, and she immediately knows…she’s dunzo. Rachel walks in on Donna while she’s having a mild heart attack and instinctively knows somethings wrong. The next day Donna tries to hide her panic when she’s caught at the paper shredder by Mike. After Donna admits to him she found the document, he tells her she needs to tell Harvey. Obviously, she freaks out and can’t come clean. Daniel Hardman makes the decision to bring on an outside lawyer who will investigate the case on Harvey and the rest of the firm. Only problem, Harvey and Jessica don’t trust her. After she interviews Harvey, she moves on to the person closest to him which would be Donna. Donna freaks out during her interview and refuses to co-operate. Mike has no choice but to tell Harvey what she found. Harvey confronts Donna in the washroom, and I’ve never seen Harvey get so angry!

In the end, Rachel finds out Donna messed up big time, but Mike tells her Harvey will figure it out. Jessica confronts Donna in Harvey’s office and tells her she isn’t there to see Harvey but to see Donna. She immediately knows she’s about to get fired, Jessica hates that she’s the one to deliver the bad news, but obviously Harvey is to in love with Donna to fire her himself. It was literally the saddest scene that ever took place behind those glass doors…and I was holding back the tears. Donna packs up her desk and makes her way to the elevators as Mike and Rachel watch in disbelief.

Harvey is waiting at the elevators, he can’t say anything to her, she looks at him almost as if she’s angry and dissapointed by him, he calls for the elevator and she leaves! Such a sad ending, I never expected Suits to get so deep, but I like it! Not that I like seeing Donna leave, she is one of my favourite characters, but I suspect she will be back once Harvey realizes he cannot replace her- oh and the fact he’s completely in love with her!

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