Review: The Dark Knight Rises

I’ve always been a huge fan of Christopher Nolan, especially after watching his 1st Batman movie Batman Begins. I love how he tells the story of his characters, there’s always a darkness and his movies feel more suspenseful and thrilling. I’m not a huge fan of superhero movies, and even though I did consider George Clooney to be my batman for the longest time, I appreciate how much work went into creating this trilogy.

First off, I’d like to say Christian Bale is the definition of Batman, everything about him is how I pictured Batman to look,talk and act. I loved how Nolan told the story of Batman not just from him saving the world and fighting evil, but the man behind the costume, Bruce Wayne. Even in The Dark Knight Rises, we learn so much more about his past that has affected him so many years later. The movie fast forwards 8 years later, Bruce Wayne is nowhere to be found, he is MIA since Harvey Dent died. He’s retired his Batman costume because Gotham City doesn’t need him anymore. He’s almost penniless, and he needs a cane to walk…how will we see him rise? I loved it, Bruce had to literally fall, before he could climb back up and be Batman once and for all. It’s just an amazing story of courage,fear,love,struggle,war, all the things that make a great story! This one, actually made me a cry a little, although I did expect either Morgan Freeman or Michael Caine to die.

Surprisingly, I was impressed by Anne Hathaway’s role as Catwoman. I was expecting her to completely blow it, I feel like she’s used in way too many films, and she has such a distinct look. But, I have to admit, she killed Catwoman (not literally) but I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the femme fetale. Her and Christian Bale looked so good together, I was hoping for a quick love scene/moment but it didn’t happen until the final 10 minutes and lasted for about 10 seconds. She’s evil,well as evil as a cat burglar can get, but in the end she does the right thing and saves Batman’s life.

Tom Hardy’s take on Bane was okay. In the trailer’s whenever I saw Bane I would cringe, he looked so scary, the sounds he would make would be so frightening, but in the movie he has this weird echoey voice that sounds like it was added in post. Not only that, he’s almost comedic in the things he says, which oddly reminded me of the Joker. Each villian should have their own distinct characteristics, the Joker was the Joker for a reason, he added that sinister humour to everything he said, I don’t know why they tried doing that with Bane. Bane should have been the serious scary dude in the fur coat, I mean we learn about his past and all the horrible things he’s been through, why would he make light of everything and find a joke at every corner? Also, half the time I didn’t understand what he was saying because of that stupid mask around his face. They literally needed to put captions at the bottom of the screen. We knew it was something along the lines of diabolical and his need to blow up Gotham City, but captions would’ve been easier.

Then there was Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays Blake aka Robin Hood. I was so excited when my close friend told me they’d have a Robin Hood. But, I was a little let down when Levitt never wore the red and yellow costume and stayed as himself, a police detective. In the end, he discovers Wayne’s cave with all his toys, and it’s kind of the start or some will say continuation of the Batman Trilogy. As Levitt gets the coordinates for Batman’s secret hideout, it’s like Bruce Wayne’s way of passing the torch.

Then there was new girl ‘Miranda’ played by Marion Cotillard. I’ve seen her in everything yet I don’t know where she came from. I liked her character,I think the twist at the end was jaw dropping and left me totally satisfied with whatever ending they had for Batman himself. Right from the start I knew she was bad, there’s no way he’s going to introduce this beautiful and innocent character into Bruce’s life if she doesn’t have another motive…mainly wanting to kill him. I won’t spill all the secrets, but it is an amazing story and it really added another layer to the film. It wasn’t just about Batman, there was this whole other story, and it all ties in together in the end.

The ending was amazing, I knew Batman wasn’t going to die, unless Nolan was trying to prove even superhero’s can die, but I didn’t think he’d leave us with that message. In fact, he usually doesn’t leave his audience’s with just one message, it’s usually an open end for the audience to decide on their own. That’s one of the things I love about his storytelling. Anyways, in the end you think Batman is dead, but he’s not, it was an amazing ending to an extraordinary trilogy.

Well done.

Also, last night we got to see the trailer for Superman 2013 which is produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder. It looks ah-mazing! It’s beautiful, it gave me goosebumps. Also, the guy that plays Superman, Henry Cavill is perfect! Check it out.

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