Suits: Take A Shot For Me

There are only 2 episodes of Suits left!! Ah, I knew this day would come but I don’t want it to end!! Harvey and Donna haven’t even kissed yet…I mean I didn’t expect them to but it would be so amazing to see them confess their love for each other.

Anyways, this episode was AMAZING,they just keep getting better and better. Harvey takes a day off or two (if you include his hangover). It was a really interesting episode this week, they took us back 5 years when Jessica and Harvey were investigating the money laundering issues at Pearson and Hardman. Also, we got to see a little more about Mike, and how his whole cheating the LSAT gig began.

I loved the cuts between present and past, especially when Harvey was on the train heading home. It’s great to see him not wearing a suit, there’s so much story surrounding Harvey that doesn’t involve suits,offices, and legal drama. I’m so excited for the writers to get into more of who he is as a man, and all the secrets of his personal life. Also, his real life wife Jacinda Barrett who plays Zoe has another cameo in this week’s episode. Clearly, something happened between her and Harvey, and maybe something will but we’re not sure yet. Everything is a mystery with Harvey!Donna is the funniest character in my opinion on the show. You just don’t expect it out of Harvey’s legal secretary, but everytime she’s on camera, I’m laughing. I love that Harvey is so serious all the time, and she balances it out with her witty comments and funny faces.

So, Harvey,Jessica and Mike are busy building their case against Daniel Hardman. Mike and Jessica appear to have a falling out in a very public area of the office, making it look like there’s drama between the trio. I guess if they make it seem like their arguing, it might sway the board members decisions?Finally, in the end, we realize where Harvey is going. Not only did that train ride last an entire 40 minutes, he continues to walk in slow motion, while we sit and wonder where is he going! He pays a visit to his father, who had passed away 5 years ago. They show the scene where Donna walks into his office to tell him the bad news. It’s so heart wrenching to see Harvey like that, we’re not used to seeing him in such a vulnerable state. Anyways, he polishes off a bottle of scotch while visiting the cemetery, and doesn’t forget to buy a drank for the cemetery’s caretaker.

In the end, Harvey returns, and tells Jessica he’s getting Donna back! Next week will be epic, don’t miss it!
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