Shark Week!!!!! One of my favourite weeks out of the year, if you don’t know what it is then you can stop reading now. Every year Discovery Channel brings to us the scariest, biggest and baddest sharks and every one of us sit and watch and thank the heavens we’re not in that water. I’m actually terrified of sharks, I hate everything about them, but I’m so fascinated by them. The shows Discovery Channel brings to us during the week are not just to show how scary sharks are, but they offer some interesting facts about how sharks live, and what kind of water they populate.

Last night, the week started off by following this huge enormous shark called Collosus- it looked like a great whale. The second show, which I found more interesting was about the cameramen who are brave enough to capture these terrifying animals, and ultimately wait hours to get the perfect shot. First off, there’s slow motion shots every 7 seconds, and there’s no shortage of epic music that covers all these defined shots. Technology has definitely advanced in the last few years, this is evident in the type of shots they’re able to take. Every single frame is captured in high definition, you can see the tiny little parasites that live on the shark’s body, everything is there to see. The main idea for shooting sharks is to get the shark to breach, which means getting him to jump out of the water while biting the toy seal attached behind their boat.

In this case, the team was on a mission to get a shot nobody else had succeeded in. It’s a birds eye shot from above the shark, near impossible. The team designed this rig with a helium balloon, attached to the boat. Under the balloon was a horizontal lightweight metal rod, and the phantom camera ($300,000) was attached to that, pointing down to the water. I’m assuming the camera was remotely connected to a system on the boat and they were recording footage through that. The balloon was supposed to be right above the toy seal, so the perfect shot of the breach would be lined up, but the team soon realized they had so much more to worry about. The wind would blow the balloon left or right, and the waves would move the toy seal all over the place, it was near impossible lining the two objects up! Also, if the camera ever hit the water- their project would be dunzo, as they didn’t have another phantom with them. Anyways, on their last day, and almost losing the camera several times, they finally get the shot they wanted.

I have to admit, the shot wasn’t that amazing, after all the work they put in! It almost looked like it was shot from out of a helicopter.

Watch Discovery Channel all week for more shark week episodes!


2 thoughts on “SHARK WEEK 2012

  1. Cindy August 13, 2012 / 10:29 PM

    Are u kidding the shot was amazing!

    • IC88 August 14, 2012 / 12:03 PM

      I don’t know I felt like they could’ve had the same shot with a helicopter? Not sure if it was worth the risk of losing a $300,000 camera!

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