Suits: There’s Something About Louis

There’s only one episode left of this season for Suits and this week’s episode left us with a conclusion that will foreshadow next week’s season finale. Things are a little cray cray at Pearson & Hardman while Jessica tries to find a way to get #littup. Yes, Louis Litt has become a popular Twitter hashtag. Harvey wins back Donna, and she doesn’t lose anytime strutting herself back into her old desk.

Mike’s grandmother makes an appearance at the office which she never has done before, it was a little odd because really what point are they trying to make by bringing grandma to the office and getting her to meet Harvey and Rachel. Then all of a sudden Mike decides to look for a place for granny, even though she was living in a nursing home because of her memory loss. Anyways, Mike goes house hunting, well not really he asks Rachel for help. While visiting one of the apartments Mike falls in love with, he also realizes he’s still in love with Rachel. Rachel finds out she passed her LSAT so she’s going to be a lawyer, Mike is very proud of her, mostly because she didn’t have to cheat.

Jessica enlists Harvey to win over Louis, after a romantic dinner Louis freaks out on Harvey, pointing out that Harvey hasn’t taken him out for dinner-ever, and now all of a sudden he’s trying to butter him up. Louis storms off and Harvey doesn’t know what else to do. He reports back to Jessica, Jessica isn’t surprised but this was all in her plan. Unfortunately, Louis freaks out on Jessica as well and doesn’t buy into anything that she’s saying. He basically threatens her, and Jessica comes back with a threat of her own. She says once she gets all the votes- and she will, if Louis is on the wrong side she won’t have any problems leaving him behind. This time Louis gets ‘litt up’ as he’s left with a terrifying decision- seriously who wants to piss of Jessica?

In the end, Louis has a heart to heart with Daniel, it really is a tough call, I have no idea what side Louis is going to take at this point. In my opinion, Jessica is going to lose the vote, and Harvey and the rest of their possy will have to set up shop somewhere else. I think it’s a whole new chapter for Jessica/Harvey/Mike and even Rachel who is now a legit lawyer. It’s a good foundation for season 3…and hopefully many more seasons to come!

As Mike is setting up the apartment for granny, there’s a knock at the door only it’s Rachel. She says the nursing home had been calling the office non stop all day, because granny passed away :(. The closing shot is just of Mike and Rachel holding each other in the beautiful apartment that they will most likely share.


One thought on “Suits: There’s Something About Louis

  1. Michael January 12, 2013 / 2:24 PM

    LSAT stands for Law School Admittance Test. Rachel is not nearly a lawyer yet.

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