Suits: Let’s Get High

On the summer finale of Suits it seemed like everyone at Pearson & Hardman was trying to find a way to get stoned, or just really wasted. Clearly, they know how brutal winter’s can be in Toronto (Fake NYC). Mike is back to his old ways when he struggles to deal with his grandmother’s death. He gets a little angry at Harvey in front of the other associates, instead of punishing him, Harvey tells Mike to go home, right after he buys a big bag of weed.

We find out that Daniel has won the votes and is now controlling the firm. As the deciding vote, Louis put his money on Daniel, and loses the trust of Jessica, Harvey and of course Donna. Harvey and Jessica try to come up with a plan that will have Daniel out for good. Harvey just wants to leave and start somewhere else. Jessica isn’t having any of that, she refuses to run away from her problems, and is confident Daniel will mess up real soon.

When Harvey threatens Daniel, Daniel recruits Louis to do more of his dirty work and find something on Harvey. Louis digs through Harvey’s office, which has now moved to a much smaller space, and a much lower floor. Harvey is literally fuming with rage, he hates every second of the new changes at work. Since he kicked Mike out, he’s stuck working with Donna. The one thing I don’t like about the Harvey/Donna situation, sometimes they have these awkward moments where you think one of them is going to confess their love for the other, but then there are times where they work so well together, and there isn’t a hint of awkwardness, even though there should be. The same goes for Mike/Rachel, ever since Mike rejected Rachel, they’ve been civil with one another, and it hasn’t been awkward. All of a sudden, while Mike is grieving, he kisses Rachel and they’re back at it again. I feel like it was all saved up for the finale, and lacked consistency, because it really did come out of nowhere.

During granny’s funeral, Mike’s first girlfriend returns…and after trying to hook up with her, Mike finds out that she’s married. Oops! While Mike enjoys another night in with his stash of weed, Harvey decides to pay him a visit. Harvey immediately knows Mike is high, but instead of lecturing him, he smokes with him! Probably the funniest scene of the season. To see Harvey let loose, that is definitely a special moment. The boys decide to prank Louis by peeing in his office, however when they get there, Harvey decides he has another big plan- something to do with the can opener. Meanwhile, Louis is in Harvey’s office totally searching through his things to find something. When Harvey and Mike find Louis, Harvey is raging and almost kills Louis. Mike holds him back, and they let Louis go.

The next morning, Louis confronts Harvey with a drug test, obviously he had smelt it on him the night before and knew he would never be able to pass it. Failure to pass the test can get you fired, and failure to complete the test can get you fired as well. During all this, Mike and Harvey were busy trying to prove Daniel Hardman had planted that document in the Coastal Motor’s case. The document that Donna had stamped, but not really. Daniel had devised the entire scheme, and Tanner knew exactly why he had settled. On a side note, I never figured Harvey could look better than in his $5000 suit, but I have to say he looked even more amazing during his boxing match, covered in sweat. Anyways, the board puts a meeting together to basically fire Harvey since he refuses to do the test, Harvey brings up the fact that Daniel planted this evidence, and tried to sue his own firm. Mike walks in at just the perfect moment and hands over a document that basically proves Daniel had something to do with it. The board immediately turns on Daniel, they raise a vote to kick him out, and this time Louis isn’t protecting him.

So, it literally took all of 42 minutes to get rid of Daniel, but that’s definitely not the last time we’re going to see him. Mike kisses Rachel but this time she rejects him. In the end, he hooks up with his ex-girlfriend who is now married, but Mike just needed to get it in so he didn’t care. Obviously, Rachel shows up at his apartment and sees both of them…and that might be the end of Mike and Rachel for a long time.

Suits returns in January with brand new episodes.


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