The RHONJ Reunion!

This season’s Real Housewives of New Jersey’s reunion was actually insane- I literally felt like I was sitting in the crossfire as Teresa kept taking punches from the other housewives. If you remember last season’s reunion- you’ll remember that Jacqueline never made it, because the night before they were filming the fashion show episode, and something went down between Jacqueline and Teresa. That night, the s*** hit the fan when Melissa’s ex boss (when she was a dancer) shows up out of the blue, and Teresa devises a plan to get Melissa’s secret out.

Anyways, it’s been a year since Teresa has been in the same room with the other housewives- she admits seeing Melissa but that was because of her daughter’s birthday party…which she claims Melissa never formally RSVP-ed, Teresa found out Melissa was coming from a tabloid magazine. Melissa tried defending herself by saying she never RSVP’s…she’s family obviously she would show up…but it doesn’t get anyone anywhere because Teresa is crazy.

It’s obvious at this point how far gone Teresa is. Just a few seasons ago she was on the same side as Caroline and the rest, teaming up against another looney- Danielle. However, times have changed, and it seems like things have gotten so bad- Jacqueline and Teresa will likely never be friends again. It was a really nasty 45 minutes, the insults were both personal and physical…Teresa making fun of Caroline’s ‘blubber rolls’…and Kathy’s new lip job. Which by the way kind of looks ridiculous, I think Kathy is amazing and I’m a little disappointed she got work done.

The reunion is definitely something you have to see for yourself, poor Andy can hardly get a word in and barely steers the conversation into the direction he wants. Lauren Manzo makes an appearance, she demolishes Teresa’s insults about her using a lap band to lose weight, Lauren says at least she wasn’t 9 years old and accusing her father of cheating on her mother. That silenced Teresa. It was really funny how everyone kept throwing comments about Joe and his infidelity. Obviously he has cheated on Teresa, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how dysfunctional their family is, and how hard Teresa tries at covering it up. Teresa gets really nasty towards everyone- including her own family. Teresa says something about Kathy and Rich having issues, and that her mother told her that, Kathy freaks out and calls Teresa’s mom a liar. Teresa mentions Kathy’s late father and how he was absent in their lives, Rosie- Kathy’s sister was backstage and as soon as she hears that she loses it. The crew had to hold her back from running towards Teresa. It doesn’t make sense to me how Teresa doesn’t see how crazy she is- if 4 other people have issues with you…don’t you think that you’re the problem?

This was Part 1 out of a 3 part reunion, next week Rosie makes an appearance, things are bound to get even crazier, I just don’t get how the other housewives have the patience to sit and listen to the garbage that comes out of Teresa’s mouth. Half the time she doesn’t even make sense, and her arguments are completely irrelevant, her entire life is a facade.

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