HOMELAND: New Season

So I didn’t hear about Homeland until Season 1 had ended, but I was eager to understand why everyone was talking about the new show. The show is sort of compared to 24, which I never was a fan of, but it doesn’t matter because I absolutely LOVE Homeland. The series premiere started off with a bang, and the rest of the season didn’t dissapoint. It’s not all the time where you get a show that consistently has the suspense meter turned up all the way. Season 1 ended off with a huge bang…and it obvious season 2 will be even better. There were a lot of questions to be answered that weren’t in season 1…and I can’t believe they’re answering them so early on in the second season.

If you don’t know what Homeland is about, basically it’s the story of Nicholas Brody a Marine Sergeant who returns home from being held captive in Afghanistan for 8 years. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) is a CIA agent who gets word that there might be an American soldier whose been brainwashed. In the beginning of season 1 as the audience, we suspect that this American soldier turned terrorist is Agent Brody, but there are curve balls throughout the season that lead us to believe it might be someone else. We always know more than the characters do, and unfortunately for Carrie’s career, we couldn’t let her in on the secret. As the first season unfolds, we learn more about Brody, where he was in the 8 years, and the people he met. So he’s not a full out terrorist (although in season 2 he sure seems to act like one). I’m not going to get into details, because I actually want people to read this post and check out the show. There are actual reasons as to how Brody came to terms with converting to Islam. Yes, he is a Muslim now. There’s more behind the story than just strapping a bomb to his body and going down in history as an ex-marine turned terrorist. Although he does strap a bomb to his chest at the end of season 1…it doesn’t define him. He has to deal with real life problems, getting used to his normal life at home, being a dad, and being a husband. Carrie, on the other hand suffers from bi-polar disorder, and a little obsessive when it comes to Agent Brody. Deep down she knows he’s the man the CIA has been looking for, but at the end of the season her obsession gets her fired.

There’s so much more, and season 2 has just begun.

So if you decide to watch any show this season…it should be Homeland.

Plus it did win Best Drama, Best Lead Actor and Best Lead Actress at this years Emmys.


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