90210: Watch Your Step!

This week’s episode of 90210, Dickson returns home in a wheelchair and a neck brace, Teddy and Silver have a moment, and Naomi throws herself the classiest wedding reception.

So I love that 90210 has taken a much more ‘adult’ theme this season. The cast is dealing with grown up problems…especially since nobody seems to be going to class anymore. Liam’s bar went up in flames, but his crazy ex-girlfriend somehow had planted cameras in the bar…which caught Liam running away from the fire instead of putting it out. Vanessa threatens to hand over her footage to the insurance company if he doesn’t promise to be with her, he can kiss that huge return cheque goodbye. But what didn’t make sense to me, if the bar burnt down wouldn’t the cameras go with it? It doesn’t take much to ruin a good roll of film, and I’m pretty sure being engulfed in flames would destroy any evidence. Another reason why I love this show-it never makes sense!

Dickson is finally home, and Annie doesn’t let him out of her sight. She explains (mostly to us the audience) that their mother Lori Loughlin returned to Paris only because Annie promised to take care of him? Like really? A mother would leave her child when he’s almost been paralyzed to go to another country!? Doesn’t seem right, and where the F was their dad??? Anyways, Annie is so annoying, Dickson is frusturated with her, he feels useless. He goes to rehab, there’s a somewhat cute guy in a wheelchair who throws some snarky comments at Dickson. Annie is infuriated with this guy, literally she walks over and starts cussing at him. Clearly, she’s going to fall in love with him this season. So predictable. Adriana is tripping out in front of Dickson because she cheated on him with this new ‘club promoter’ character. The guy is totally in love with Adriana, even though she told him it was a one night thing. Besides, she didn’t know her boyfriend was lying almost dead in the hospital.

Then you have Silver and Teddy who I friggin’ love to death. I wish Teddy could go back and be straight because I loved him with Silver! So Teddy’s decided to have Silver’s baby (since she might have the cancer gene). They have an awkward moment at Naomi’s wedding party, Silver tries to kiss Teddy…and then brings up the fact that he was gay during their relationship…did she even mean anything to him? There so cute together, in the end they make up.

Naomi has to throw a classy wedding party for Max’s company. Apparently, since Max and Naomi got married his company’s stocks have gone down. They decide to choose the same location that was in Keeping Up With the Kardashians . Member when Rob surprises Kris with a beautiful mountain view dinner? Same place.

So Vanessa in all her craziness makes it known that her and Liam are engaged. Liam literally spits his wine out and walk s away in frustration. Later, they have a huge fight in their new mansion. They’re on the patio that overlooks the ocean,and somehow Vanessa gets thrown over the balcony and dies? It was so stupid, just when I thought 90210 was getting better this ish happens? Liam goes inside to call 911, when he comes out she’s not lying in the sand anymore. Clearly she’s going to return from the dead and make his life hell. Or the writers had no other way to get rid of her.

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