Battle of the Exes: Useless Piece of S@$!

Last nights episode of Battle of the Exes began with the elimination round from last week. JD and Devyn (Team Brooklyn) against the remainder of the Fresh Meat team Camila and Big Easy.

It was a strategy elimination, a basic game of memory but the catch was the girls were attached to a line that move them up and down a board that the game was on. The guys job was to move the line up and down, but the further they moved the girls up, the lower they went…submerging themselves into a dunk tank! The longer they could hold their breath underwater the longer their teammate had time to complete the memory game. It looked easy, but the guys were hanging upside down, and breathing like that underwater is near impossible. And obviously, anything for Easy is impossible.

Anyways, Team Brooklyn seems like they’re never going to be beat. JD was confident in himself and his eyebrows that he could hold his breath the longest. But he never really got the chance to shine because as usual Big Easy DQ’ed his team…because he didn’t feel like completing the challenge. Him and Camila were actually winning when Easy decided to end the match. I always felt bad for Easy, but he’s messed up so many times on these challenges. He costs other people the game just because he doesn’t feel like doing the mission, and he physically can’t. I don’t get why he keeps coming back if he’s just going to DQ all the time. Camila obviously felt the same, she freaks out calling him every name in the book. Everyone else just stood there in shock, she was PISSED and asked if she could continue the challenge without him. Obviously that would be impossible because someone had to be on the other end to hold her weight down.

So that’s the end of Team Fresh Meat…Big Easy blaming their failure on the fact that they weren’t in a Real World season, none of them knew each other …and that was the reason they lost. I don’t think it made sense at all to bring in the fresh meat team…the point of this Challenge was that everyone was in a Real World house. Whether that was a disadvantage or advantage is irrelevant.

Moving on, the challenge for this episode was one of my faves. A simple trivia game…but everyone was sitting on a chair…above the water. If you answer the question wrong….TJ pulls a lever that sends you flying! There were barely any questions answered correctly…either they’re all idiots or being up that high impairs your intelligence.

Team San Diego won power team thanks to Frank. Unfortunately, Team NOLA ended up in the bottom. Sucks for Preston getting the sports question! Right away Jemmye said she wasn’t going into elimination…it was going to be McKenzie and Preston. Definitely not a duo that will can do serious damage.

San Diego voted in Brooklyn again…this time it was Sara and Chet. The game would be stamina (the one with the sliding balls).

McKenzie was literally walking during the heats. Preston on the other hand completely killed it, but it wasn’t enough to beat out Brooklyn. Afterwards, Knight admitted he should’ve gone into the elimination…because a team with only 2 players is not a good look if they want to make it to the finals. They probably won’t…my predictions Team Cancun and Team San Diego. They are obviously the strongest out of their alliance…and I’m not underestimating Team Vegas who turned their back on the alliance.

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