The Walking Dead: Walk With Me

So this week’s episode of The Walking Dead featured the story of Andrea and her awkward buddy Michonne. The fact that this week didn’t have anything from Rick’s story might be a reflection of how the two stories will alternate throughout the season.

Andrea and Michonne are picked up by other survivors…mainly Meryl (remember him from the first season?). He’s part of this huge community called Woodbury, and takes the girls back home with him to get patched up. The small town of Woodbury is run by this guy called the Governor, apparently he was a huge player in the comic books so fans have been waiting around for him. He’s definitely got his own secrets…like the room full of zombie heads submerged in fish tanks. The Governor (who doesn’t reveal his real name) welcomes Andrea and Michonne and offers them a place to stay. Woodbury is guarded with high fences all around, and the people that live inside go about their daily activities like there isn’t a zombie apocalypse outside their walls.

Michonne is a bit skeptical of everything around her, oh and she kills her two zombie pets at the beginning of the episode. We still don’t know who the zombies were, but The Governor and his scientist speculate they were people that meant something to her. Anyways, Andrea is loving Woodbury, but Michonne just wants her weapons back and wants to leave.

So things get a little shady when a military sergeant turns up injured (and lying on his death bed) in Woodbury’s infirmary. The Governor starts asking him questions and finds out that the rest of the soldiers are still out there waiting for their captain. The Governor promises to find them and bring them back. When The Governor shows up to where the army guys are parked, he raises a white flag, so they think he’s trying to help them. Then, all of a sudden he shoots and kills one of them, and the rest of the Woodbury army comes out of the bushes and finishes the rest of the guys off. I guess he wanted them dead because they posed a threat to Woodbury? They were all trained military, with weapons and ammunition, maybe The Governor felt like he would never be able to trust them? Who knows, but we’re sure to find out more about that next episode.

One thought on “The Walking Dead: Walk With Me

  1. Natalie K October 29, 2012 / 1:11 PM

    Another great review, my friend…damn governor – too many secrets! i wanna know nowwwwww!!!

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