ARROW: CW’s Finest!

My newest TV obsession is CW’s sexy superhero drama Arrow. After the family yacht goes down at sea Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and his billionaire father are two of the last survivors. Fast forward five years later, Oliver Queen is found on a remote island in the Pacific. He returns home to his mega mansion, his mother and younger sister. They soon realize Oliver went through a great ordeal while on the island, he isn’t the same boy that left with his father for a yacht trip. Oliver’s taken on this ‘Robin Hood’ alter ego, he’s learned a lot through his time on the island, and through the episodes we get to see what happened, who he met, and how he has a superhero strength. We also learn more about his mission and why he’s taken on this mission. He hides his secret from everyone, which means he puts on the ‘playboy’ persona he was known for before he left. He doesn’t want anyone to know his motives, which as we find out is a list of people his father asked him to bring to justice. His entire outlook on life also changed on the island, which means he feels compassion for all those he’s hurt in the past. It’s kind of like Batman, there are similarities like his family owns the city and he’s trying to do good now that he’s back. And that is long time love Laurel…is the city’s new hot shot attorney. Laurel found out that while they were dating, Oliver was sleeping with her sister…who was also on the yacht…but she didn’t make it out alive. Talk about drrrama.

It’s surprising that a CW show is done this well. Like my other fave CW hit The Vampire Diaries, Arrow doesn’t feel like a teen drama, it’s darker…and not as corny as some other shows….90210. So, it’s not surprising to learn that the two producers from Game of Thrones and The Vampire Diaries are also backing up Arrow.

And it doesn’t hurt that Stephen Amell is smoking hot, especially during his superhero sans t shirt work out scenes! Plus, he’s Canadian!


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