The Walking Dead: Say the Word RECAP

Lori and T-Dawg are dead, Carol is presumed dead but we think she’s hiding somewhere in the prison/she might be a zombie by now. Rick has reached a whole new level of insanity, after finding out about Lori’s death he doesn’t even get close to the baby, and spends the rest of his day and night hacking away at zombies. He really needs a clean shirt. Daryl on the other hand, surprisingly makes a good daddy!

So things are a little rough to say the least inside the prison. New additions Oscar and Axel are trying to help out as much as they can while the rest of the group is grieving from all the death. Oscar’s main job is to open and close the gate…but we’re sure he’ll get a promotion soon. Hershel is a veterinarian but obviously the only one with common sense because he realizes the baby needs formula. Maggie and Daryl go out looking for some baby food, while Glenn has a heart to heart with one legged Hershel aka his future father-in-law. Beth was asked to watch over Carl…I’ll let you finish that thought on your own.

Meanwhile at Woodbury, Michonne is still sketching out about The Governor. It doesn’t help that Michonne has 20/20 vision and can see through blinds. While spying on The Governor she sees him petting a small little zombie (probably his daughter). Not exactly sure how that scene made sense, how she saw the zombie girl…either way The Governor has some issues. Everyone is quick to judge him because he has an aquarium full of zombie heads, but really who can blame the man? In light of everything that’s happened, I think a charming man like himself is allowed to have sex on the reg with a random and spend some quality time with his kid even if she is a skin eating zombie.

Who cares? Welp, Michonne really does. I can’t tell if she’s actually scared for her life, or if she’s plain out jealous of The Governor, because clearly Andrea has the hots for him. Michonne and The Governor have a heated discussion, she puts her sword to his unshaven neck…and finally makes up her mind about Woodbury. On their way out, Andrea continues to complain about their decision to leave Woodbury. For once she’s safe and happy and she doesn’t want to be back on the road. At first, it looks like Merle and the guards they’re giving the women a hard time about opening the gates, Michonne immediately feels like she’s proven how shady these people are. But Merle opens the gates, and we get to see a ruined and deserted exterior, that looks lonely and frightening. Andrea glances over at Michonne again as to ask her if she’s really sure about their decision. Michonne starts walking, but Andrea doesn’t follow. Michonne ends up leaving Woodbury without Andrea. Later, Andrea is subjected to some sort of WWE Zombie wrestling match, and she’s already doubting her decision to stay with The Governor in Woodbury.

Daryl and Maggie come back with brand spankin’ new baby bottles and formula found from a daycare. The baby stops crying when it finally gets some food. Carl and Daryl decide to name her Sophia…after Carol’s daughter who died in Season 2. Her and Carl were homies.

Rick continues dealing with Lori’s death by walking around the prison and scaring off Glenn. He finds the room Lori died in…and finds a weird pregnant looking half dead zombie lying there. I wasn’t sure if it was Lori/why would they show a zombie that sort of resembled Lori…minus the boobs. Anyways, Rick kills the zombie and stabs the stomach over and over again making sure there’s no zombie baby in there somewhere. And then…to end off the episode…in the middle of his brooding…the phone rings…and Rick answers it. The End.

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