The Walking Dead RECAP “Made To Suffer”

The_Walking_Dead_2010_IntertitleLast night’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead will go down in Woodbury history as ‘the terrorist attack’. Honestly, it was bad enough The Governor kept referring to Rick and the others as terrorists, but for Andrea to get that close to her original posse and not escape with them- brutal!

It was also the Mid-Season Finale, which means we’ll have to wait until February for new episodes!

I’m actually surprised the writers didn’t let Andrea find the others, but she did find Michonne…and it’s the sad truth that Andrea has never heard the saying ‘chicks before *****’ Wah!

Now I don’t want to ruin it all so let’s start from the beginning!

The episode started off with another group of survivors, ones we’ve never seen before. They’re running off in the woods, when they spot one of the guard towers from the prison. They start making a run towards it but one of the girls gets bitten on the arm. Instead of leaving her they take her with them, and decide not to kill her- or chop off her arm.

The Prison crew sets out with Michonne’s help to locate Woodbury and rescue Glenn and Maggie. Maggie’s already given up the location of the others, but Rick is faster than the Governor and they’re crew has already infiltrated the Woodbury walls. Michonne is on some weird mission of her own, she’s become a mute again, and once Rick rescues Glenn and Maggie, Michonne makes a run for it escaping from one of the back doors.

At this point, Woodbury is under attack, everyone is freaking out, especially The Governor because he doesn’t want Andrea to see her old gang. A shootout goes down while Rick’s group is trying to escape, Daryl hangs back to cover them while they hop over the wall…Oscar gets shot, and Maggie shoots him in the head so he won’t come back a zombie, although that would’ve been really fun.

Carl, Hershel and Beth are back at the prison with the baby, they hear a woman screaming on the other end of the prison. Carl decides he’s going to go check it out, he finds the other group battling some zombies, but there no match for Carl and his silencer. The group is shocked to see a kid in the doorway, but it was probably for the best since Carl is the least threatening of the group. He brings the group back near their cell, and once he gets them inside a cell, he walks out and locks the door on them. He doesn’t know if he can trust them yet, but for the time being they have food and water and are protected from all sides. Also, the girl with the bitten arm is slowly dying, but I think something is going to happen during her transition. They wouldn’t keep her on if she’s just going to die a meaningless death. I feel like we’re going to learn something about the ‘transition’ stage. Something that we would’ve learned last week from the old man if it wasn’t for Andrea stabbing him in the brain.

Michonne is hiding inside The Governor’s apartment. She hears a sound coming from the ‘secret’ room. When she goes in and checks the closet, she finds The Governor’s little daughter with a bag over her head. I don’t know why Michonne didn’t realize it was a zombie because she was clearly making zombie noises. She lifts the bag over the girls head and the look on her face when she realizes the child is a zombie. It’s basically the same facial expression she has on all the time, since she doesn’t show emotion or offer a vast vocabulary, Michonne uses her eyes to express her shock. Then she sees the entire wall of zombie heads in the fish tanks, and realizes she’s been right about him the entire time. The Governor pops in and begs her to let his daughter go. Michonne reminds him that his daughter isn’t human anymore, she can’t be saved. We’ve never seen The Governor so vulnerable, but Michonne kills the little girl anyways. Michonne and The Governor have the craziest fight, probably the craziest in Walking Dead history. It looks like The Governor has the upper hand, but Michonne finds a piece of broken glass and shoves it into The Governor’s eyeball! Just then Andrea walks in to save her man, but she should really save Michonne. At least she did let Michonne walk out without harming her, I thought she was going to shoot her.

The Governor

Michonne catches up with the rest of the gang as they wait for Daryl to return. Rick loses it on Michonne and asks her where she disappeared to. Since she doesn’t talk the others assumed she went to get her revenge on The Governor. She doesn’t dispute it, but she does ask them to take her in, after all they do need her.  They wait for Daryl but as it turns out Daryl isn’t coming back.

In the end of the episode, The Governor puts together another Zombie wrestling match except without the zombies. Instead, he calls out Meryl and accuses him of aiding the other terrorists. Which obviously wasn’t true, Meryl has been helping The Governor since the beginning. Then he brings out Daryl in handcuffs, and forces the two brothers to go at each other. All the while Andrea recognizes Daryl, and will probably but the pieces of the puzzle together….we hope.

As for Meryl and Daryl…I don’t think they’ll end up killing each other, but if they were going into battle-Who do you think would come out on top?

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