Battle Of The Season: Who Won!

MTV CanadaAnother season bites the dust! I can’t believe an entire season of MTV’s The Challenge:Battle of the Seasons has come and gone. It felt like yesterday we were writing about who we thought would be the winners. My bets were on Team Austin…but who even remembers them being on the show? With Team Austin being the Veteran team getting booted off in the first two weeks- we knew this season would a bring a lot more rookie drama.

We also knew halfway through the season, Team San Diego was looking mighty fine for the first place spot, since they were clearly the team that was controlling the game. Vegas seemed like a good competitor, up until Nany and Alton were booted off and Vegas was left with Dustin and Trishelle. With a big surprise win last week, Vegas solidified their entrance into the final challenge by winning power team. They made it to the finish line and came in second place, which is amazing for the only 2 person team left in the game.

Of course Team San Diego came in first winning the grand prize of $250,000. That had to be split between4 players but hey $62k isn’t too shabby. Now some people might argue that it should’ve been split between 3 of their teammates, since Sam was the useless player. Like it or not, she made it across the finish line, and she had to endure the abuse from Zach and Frank for the weeks leading up to the final. I will say this, if you’re not in great physical shape, don’t agree to do one of these shows because you’re making yourself look like an idiot, and you’re straight up screwing over your team. Devyn was easily holding her team back during the final race, but at least she was funny about it. Besides Devyn looks like she’s in shape, but she’s a big booty *** and it was slowin’ her down!


The challenge itself didn’t look that intense. I’ve seen a few of these final races and I was definitely expecting a lot more. They did have to sleep overnight in the desert…regardless it didn’t look as harsh as when Johnny Bananas had to do it with Tyler.

The reunion was up right after the final episode. Frank and Sam still hate each other, and Sam looks like she ate all her money because she gained weight. She def can’t do a challenge now. Devyn was looking stunnin’ in her pageant dress, and admitted her and Eric broke up a few weeks after she left Africa. Marie and Robb were civil, and Marie was calm throughout the hour which I was happy to see.

Surprisingly, Zach and Jonna have since broken up, apparently because Zach is immature and not ready for a serious relationship. During the show Jonna tweeted, ‘WE. Are never ever ever…’- hmmm. Drrrrama. BTW, Zach looked horrendous with his even longer hair and trashy clothing, but still looked better than Sam.

Johnny Moseley was hosting the reunion show…and he obviously needs to re-evaluate his hairstyle because it’s just not doing anything for him.

Until next time!

PS. Word around the net is the new season of The Real World Season 28 will be in Portland,Oregon.

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