TVD: Truth or Dare Recap

I’m sure you’ve all experienced those episodes where not much happens, but the characters are stuck in a situation where they have to talk out their feelings…well last night was one of those episodes. I’ll admit, things got cray in the last 10 minutes with the episode leading up to another great cliffhanger…and it looked like Jeremy bulked up a little more which is always good for ratings.

So let’s jump right into things. Rebekah’s is back a la April who felt the need to save her best friend by pulling out the dagger in her heart. Aw, cute! Really though, it was time for Rebeka to return to Mystic Falls and spread her mean girl fairy dust all through the town. She uses April to put her plan in motion, she snaps Elena’s neck and kidnaps her in the school library. Rebekah calls Stefan to tell him she has Elena kidnapped (she doesn’t know they’ve broken up)…Stefan texts Caroline for help, finally they’ve realized how texting is more efficient since vampires can’t hear texts!!

The text goes through, and somehow I think Caroline was hoping for a ‘sext’ rather than a ‘text’. Get where I’m going?…No?…moving on. They’re all useless and Stefan and Caroline find themselves seated at Rebeka’s round table. Rebekah starts asking questions, and they’re all compelled to her so they have to answer. Caroline blurts out that Stefan and Elena are broken up, this catches Rebekah’s attention since she has missed a few weeks on her mean girl duties.


Clearly everyone has diarrhea of the mouth which actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Two words that should never go together- diarrhea and fun. Stefan confesses that he knows Elena slept with Damon, Elena is hurt by this, but more angry at Caroline as she gives her the evil eye. Caroline doesn’t even look up to meet her gaze because she knows she’s failed Elena as her best friend. Who cares! Clearly Caroline wants Stefan for herself. Okay, maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. Stefan still believes Elena is sired to Damon, but Elena chooses to rip out Stefan’s heart even more by denying her sire bond. Rebekah asks Elena if she slept with Damon because of the sire bond, and Elena responds (this deserves quotations) ‘I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond, I slept with Damon because I’m in love with him!’ Awkward silence around the table, and Caroline comes to the rescue again by forcing Rebekah to change the topic.


Back at the lake house, by the way why don’t they spend more time there? The views are just to die for-literally. Damon keeps listening to a voice mail from Elena while attempting to train Jeremy at becoming the greatest vampire hunter of all time. Apparently, none of them have school anymore- or football practice. Matt is at the lake house with Jeremy helping him hone is strength. They both feel like loading up on carbs so they order pizza for the third day in a row. Klaus shows up and asks Damon how Jeremy’s progress is going, and how many vampires he’s killed. Damon admits he’s killed none, and Klaus makes a point to head back into town and murder everyone for Jeremy’s sake.

Now that Carol Lockwood is dead, Bonnie’s father returns to Mystic Falls to take up the very dangerous role of town mayor. Bonnie is frustrated over he father’s return because he’s never been around to be a good father, since her being a witch totally freaked out him out. She heads over to Shane’s office to practice some more magic but he tells her she’s already learned everything. As her graduation present he gives her a human bone necklace over 2000 years old. That still ain’t no Tiffany’s! On her way out, a familiar face surprises her as she realizes it’s Kol (Rebeka’s other brother). By the time she returns to Shane’s office he’s already gone.

So pizza girl shows up again at the house, this time nobody ordered any pizza. Matt greets her at the front door, she asks for a cell phone because she’s having car troubles. He leaves, Jeremy shows up all hot and sweaty (or at least that’s how I imagined him) Pizza girl realizes she can’t come inside because guess what- she’s a vampire! Jeremy unknowingly invites her inside, and she’s super happy. Upstairs she tries to bite Matt but Jeremy saves the day and kills her- and more tattoos appear on his arm. Yay.

Back at the library, Rebekah and Kol have Shane and are ready to compel him and learn all his awkward professor secrets. The only thing is, Shane can’t be compelled, so Kol decides to use old torture tactics on him.

Here comes the fun part, Rebekah decides to play truth or dare with the gang…Elena goes first and chooses dare. Honestly Rebekah, if you had just chosen spin the bottle it would’ve made for a better time. Rebekah is obviously amazing at truth or dare because this is what she asks Elena, ‘I dare you to tell Stefan the truth about Damon’ Busted! Elena admits being with Damon is unpredictable and she feels free. Lately, all Stefan has made her feel like is a broken toy. Ouch.

Tyler arrives to save his girlfriend, which turns out to be pointless since Rebekah compells him to turn into a werewolf. This has Stefan and Elena running wild through the school halls while Tyler chases them. Rebekah doesn’t need them anymore since she has professor Shane. Or does she?

While torturing Shane, Rebekah and Kol find out Shane wants to find the cure to find Silas, the first immortal whose imprisoned with the cure. Kol freaks out at the name, and Rebekah brushes it off by calling Silas a fairytale. Kol drives a pipe through Shane’s stomach and ‘kills him’. Only problem is, you can’t kill Shane!! But Kol and Rebekah don’t stick around to find that out. Later in his office, Bonnie is angry at him for almost getting April killed. (She tried to put a protection spell on Shane, instead she linked April to him) Shane brushes it off and makes Bonnie feel special by telling her he needs her for his master plan. But he makes it sound less evil and more romantic.

My favourite scene of the episode is when Elena and Stefan are hiding from Tyler, Elena gets the bright idea that they should talk about Damon. Stefan is SO much sexier when he’s pissed, he says ‘How many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out’ I died, and cried a little. Then Rebekah shows up and offers Stefan a way out of heartache. She asks him if she can compel him to forget every single memory of Elena, and forget he ever loved her. Stefan obviously hurt tells Rebekah to do it, to erase every memory. The look on Elena’s face…so good! But of course Rebekah laughs in his face and makes him suffer, the way she’s had to suffer alone for the last 900 years. Stefan leaves the school all sexy and sad, while Elena watches him with tears in her eyes.

Caroline finds Tyler in the school gym back in human form. I guess he came across the memorial for his mother and he breaks down in Caroline’s arms.

Elena phones Damon to check up on him and to tell him that Stefan knows about their relationship. Damon should care, but really doesn’t because he forgets everything about the sire bond when Elena tells him she loves him. He tells her to get her *** over to the lake house for some vampire sex. He doesn’t really say vampire sex. But we know it’s coming.

Jeremy and Damon come across the town and all it’s dead people who apparently all hang out at the local bar (small town problems). Klaus has turned them all into vampires, and he’s expecting Jeremy to kill them all.

Stefan’s home, Rebekah shows up uninvited but she doesn’t really care. Stefan makes a proposition for her, seeing how he hates his brother and she hates her brother, they should team up to find the cure…and if along the way they have a steamy hookup…then that’s fine to. That last part really wasn’t said, but it’s pretty obvious something is going to happen between the two heartbroken vamps.

Stay tuned!

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