GIRLS! Season 2

HBO GirlsIt’s been almost a week since the premiere of season 2 of Girls, and I’m still recovering from what happened last Sunday night.

If you’ve seen season 1, you know that nothing is predictable, anything can happen, and it will most likely leave you saying ‘WTF?!’ Sometimes the show goes off course and it’s almost like where did this come from…but it’s Lena Dunham, nobody will ever understand how her genius mind works.

Last season ended off with the rebellious Jessa marrying the cute dude from Bridesmaids. After spending an evening with Marnie and Thomas (Chris O’Dowd) and absolutely hating his guts, Jessa decides to marry the guy in the season finale. That was random.

This episode was no different. It started with a scene of Hannah (Lena Dunham) in bed with her new gay roomie Elijah (Andrew Rannells). He was also her ex-boyfriend in college, before he came out of the closet. Awkward. Hannah and Elijah are having the time of their lives as roomies, Hannah even offers Elijah to use her room as his bedroom so they can convert his room into a home gym.

Hannah is busy with her new man- Sandy (Donald Glover)…even though she’s moved on from Adam, she still feels bad he got hit by a truck and visits him often to look after him and his broken leg. Adam is confused as to why Hannah wants to leave him, she fought all season to be with him, and now she doesn’t want him anymore.

Marnie is having a rough day, she gets fired from her job at the art gallery…goes to lunch with her mom (Rita Wilson) who is going through a mid life crisis and likes to hook up with  ‘cater waiters’. Marnie is definitely going through some rough waters, she’s confused with her life, especially after her break up with long time boyfriend Charlie.

Shoshanna is having trouble dealing with her hook up with Ray. She’s no longer a virgin and it’s a big deal for her, especially since Ray never called her after the hook up. She’s her typical neurotic and nervous self and totally angry at Ray even though he’s trying to be nice to her.

Hanjah Party

Hannah and Elijah decide to throw a house party, things get weird when Elijah’s older boyfriend makes a drunk fool of himself. Hannah has to kick him out and sneak away to Adam’s to make sure he’s okay. Ray sort of apologizes to Shoshanna, and kisses her, I guess making up for not calling her? Marnie has the weirdest encounter with Charlie as he’s waiting for his girlfriend outside the bathroom. Charlie tries to make his relationship sound cooler than it really is, it’s obvious his girlfriend is a complete biatch and takes advantage of him. He doesn’t say anything to stand up for himself because he’s Charlie and he’s too nice.

Hannah and Adam talk about their relationship, Hannah admits she doesn’t want to be with Adam anymore, Adam doesn’t understand that and tells her she’s acting crazy. He admits that she makes him happy, he’s never been happier…and he misses her. It doesn’t do much good because in the end of the episode Hannah shows up at Sandy’s apartment.

Once the parties over, Elijah and Marnie have a drunk karaoke session alone in the apartment. Out of nowhere, Elijah tries to kiss Marnie, she brushes him off…but after feeling his hard muscular chest she gives in to his advances. It’s a really awkward scene. They start hooking up on the couch but Elijah has problems…because after all he’s not into women. They recover from the awkwardness of the last 5 minutes…and Marnie tells Elijah he doesn’t have to pretend to be someone else.

In the end of the episode Jess and her man return from their honeymoon happy as ever. Marnie is in el depresso mood and shows up at Charlie’s place for a cuddle session. Weird.



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