GIRLS: One Man’s Trash


Please will someone tell me what happened to the rest of our Girls on tonight’s episode. I hope it wasn’t their bodies in the trash bags Hannah was dumping into a random person’s trash.

Early morning at Cafe Grumpy a very handsome man storms into the shop demanding to speak to the owner. Ray asks the guy what’s going on. The hot guy is 42-year old Joshua who is a recently divorced doctor. He’s claiming someone from the coffee shop is dumping their garbage into his trash cans. Ray calls his claims crazy because the shop has its own garbage bin, they wouldn’t need to take their trash elsewhere. Hannah is off to the side listening in on the conversation and oddly looking around as if she’s doing something wrong. Once the doctor leaves the shop, Hannah walks out and follows the man back to his brownstone. It’s obvious that Hannah’s the one that’s been dumping the trash in his space.

He answers the door and is surprised to see her. She reminds him she works at the Cafe, he awkwardly invites her inside where he pours her a cup of lemonade in his newly renovated kitchen. Hannah admits she’s the one dumping the garbage, it’s become sort of a therapeutic thing for her…since she’s never thrown out her own garbage. She asks him what it feels like.

Hannah kisses him out of nowhere, he doesn’t mind, and they end up sleeping together. Afterwards, he asks her if she wants a steak, how can she resist. She’s sort of shocked he’s being so nice and sort of expects him to kick her out any second. He doesn’t, he begs her to stay the night and the next morning he calls in sick!

Patrick-Wilson-Jessica-MiglioThings seem to be going well for Hannah, especially since she had the entire episode to herself. She opens up to Joshua and admits nobody has made her feel ‘good’…and that she actually wants to be happy. It seems like Joshua is completely in love with Hannah until he asks her about her feelings..and she unfolds every little secret, every feeling. It’s obvious right away Joshua is sketched out and decides to ‘go to bed’. The next morning he goes to work…Hannah cleans up the bedroom and the mess she made with him over the last day. Before she leaves, she grabs the garbage and dumps it into his trash…walking off into the street.

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