S U I T S: “He’s Back”

With only two episodes left in the second season of Suits, things are getting cray cray in the offices of Pearson & Hardman. Speaking of Hardman, he’s back just in time for an epic last battle before the season end. We all knew it would come to this, Daniel Hardman is one of the few opponent’s Jessica and Harvey have trouble dealing with, and this situation was no different.


The episode starts off with Mike and Harvey in a deposition…the lawyer on the other side of the table is Daniel Hardman. Hardman uses the deposition to announce a lawsuit against Jessica Pearson..and throws over the paperwork across the table, just like that! Harvey and Mike are obviously confused…but it’s gets more confusing when Hardman reveals the plaintiff is a former employee of Pearson who was wrongfully dismissed on the basis of gender. Monica Eaton, who you may remember from a ways back had an affair with Hardman…while he was married to his dying wife and when Jessica found out she fired both of them. Well she couldn’t really fire Hardman because his name was on the wall…but she did get rid of them both.

Last time we saw Hardman leaving the offices, him and Jessica agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement that would prevent Jessica and Harvey from ever mentioning his affair/sketchiness during his employment with P&H. Harvey was the most surprised…and he usually never is…especially by Jessica. In her office, it was obvious Jessica never told Harvey about the agreement, and Daniel didn’t miss a chance to point out to Harvey that Jessica doesn’t trust him as much as he might want to believe.

Suits USA

Daniel and Monica are arguing that Jessica got rid of Monica because Jessica has always been ‘married to her job’ and she expected similar priorities from her female employees. She knew of Monica’s sexual activity and was jealous of her…that kind of was true…Jessica fired Monica because of Daniel, only problem is the crew can’t discuss that information in court. Looks like Daniel won this round. Oh but wait, there’s still another 35 minutes to go!

Round Two: Hardman arrives at the offices for the second deposition, Donna is at the reception desk to greet him…she’s got a little more sass in her step today! She escorts Hardman to the boardroom which used to be his office. She gives it to him, slaps him twice for planting evidence to get her fired. Then she says, ‘they’re in the other boardroom’…amazing!

Donna slaps Daniel

Mike has another great idea which is to question Monica in the way good lawyers question people…and hopefully get her to reveal who she had the affair with. Jessica lets Mike take the wheel for this one, Harvey’s shocked again! Mike’s idea looks to be working in the first few minutes, but Monica and Daniel turn things around again when Monica admits that she was sexually harassed by Louis Litt! Everyone is in shock, they don’t really know how to come back with this information.Harvey drank

Later, Harvey’s enjoying a drink in his office going over the transcripts from the depo. Louis comes in and offers to help them out with Daniel. Harvey thanks him, and then hands over the transcripts for Louis to read. He reads through the beginning a little proud of Mike…and then gets to the part where Monica accuses Louis of sexual harassment  He’s in shock, he admits he always had a thing for her but it never got out of control. Later Louis meets with Daniel in the elevator and gives the most scariest Louis speech ever! He basically threatens to kill Hardman if he ever tries to mess with him again.

Scary Louis

In the end, Mike tracks down Monica and convinces her to settle the case. he shows her the other sexual harassment cases Pearson is working on, and if they go through with Monica’s, they will end up losing all the other ones that are actually legitimate. Mike and Harvey admit that they have other witnesses who can admit to Daniel and Monica’s affair…and guess what they don’t have a confidentiality agreement to abide.

Rachel has decided to go to law school…well Harvard. Mike’s slowly beginning to realize she’s leaving and things are going to change in the office. I’m curious to see how the writers are going to deal with this story, is Rachel really going to leave? Will they still have her on the show but in law school? Who knows!

Also, and if you think I forgot about it, I didn’t. One of the final scenes of the episode, Donna and Harvey had a moment! Thank the heavens!! The two are bantering away in their witty style of conversation. All of a sudden, Harvey says ‘you look beautiful’ and Donna’s face lights up as if she’s been waiting for this moment forever…and then we/she realizes Harvey wasn’t talking to her but to Jessica who shows up in the hallway dressed and ready to go out on the town. Really amazing scene…either Aaron Korsh is trying to drive us crazy…or there is something really going on between Donna and Harv. Or it could just be Donna and her feelings for Harvey…waaah what if he doesn’t feel the same way about her!

Donna and Harvey Moment

Looks like we’ll have to find out in Season 3! Boom.

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