GIRLS: It’s Back

Last night’s episode of Girls was one of the best this season. After last week’s episode, we were left confused and worried with the fate of our fave Sunday night show, but all is back to ‘normal’. Take that Kourtney and Kim!


Everyone was back for last night’s epi, including Shoshana’s friend Snooki. I mean Radhika. While on a stroll, Ray and Shosh talk about Charlie’s big fortune in the app world which leads to Marnie’s question- what app? Apparently, Charlie created an app, and some developers paid a ton of money to buy the app, and now he’s rich and working at a swanky loft. If things couldn’t get worse for Marnie, well they do, and last night she looked bat s*** crazy. She leaves the park, and doesn’t change into more appropriate attire, shows up at Charlie’s office unannounced, she doesn’t even tell him she’s there, she spies on him for like 5 minutes until she calls out ‘yoo’. Really? Charlie looked so good! He was all dressed up and swaggin’ out in his zone. Marnie…sorry Marnie. They talk for a bit, he tells her more about the app he’s created which basically forbids you from dialing out or texting your exes number. An idea he came up with after Marnie broke up with him. Hm. All of a sudden there’s music blaring and everyone’s dancing off into the next office for a party/fundraiser…and Marnie’s left standing there alone in her pigtails and flip flops.


Radhika- Shoshana’s very rich Indian college friend invites her to a house party later that evening, Shosh asks Ray to accompany her but he refuses to attend a college party because he’s in his 30s…big deal! In the end, Shosh ends up leaving the party early, but hooks up with the doorman. Nice.

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 2.20.55 PM

One of Hannah’s funniest scenes, as she’s walking down the street she keeps checking behind her after she receives a call from Adam. Except she’s counting the times she looks back…and once she’s at 8 she switches to the other side. Homegirl is def suffering from a serious case of OCD…which we later find out has affected her since her early years.

Adam attends an AA meeting…he completely loses it and spills out his entire life story, how he met Hannah, how he fell in love with her, and how she broke his heart. Later, one of the older ladies in the group offers to set Adam up with her daughter. He’s kind of sketched out, I mean what good can come from a blind date? He agrees to be nice to the old lady. Later, the date ends up being amazing, he is completely shocked at how gorgeous his date is. She doesn’t pick up on his weirdness, either that or she finds it cute. He is so giddy with happiness that the date is going well…it seems like Adam might be better off without Hannah…at least for now.

Hannah meets up with her parents who are visiting the city. Right away her mother notices her fidgeting and asks if she’s having her tendencies. Hannah denies it, they go for dinner. During the dinner she is totally losing it, this time her parents pick up on it for real. Before they can say anything Hannah walks out, she bumps into a random guy, and then proceeds to bump into him 7 more times. It was so funny.


Ray is enjoying his night in until Marnie shows up wearing her magician’s assistants outfit. She’s confused as to why the good stuff keeps happening to everyone else, and she’s stuck in this part of her life where she doesn’t know what she wants to do. Ray asks her straight up what she wants to do in life…and the first thing that comes to her head when he asks her that. She admits she’s always wanted to sing, Ray isn’t impressed by that but asks her to try singing anyways. She does, and she’s really good, he’s in complete shock and advises her to believe in her dreams and work hard.


Her parents take her to a psychiatrist, while in the office she admits to all the horrific moments she’s had to live through with OCD. She tells him about her book deal, as if that’s supposed to prove she’s not crazy. The doctor prescribes her the medication…and they’re off on the subway ride back home.


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