The Walking Dead: CLEAR

There’s so much to talk about with last night’s amazing episode of The Walking Dead. It was arguably the best episode of the season, if not the entire series. There were a lot of questions to be answered throughout this 3rd season, and I think some of the more important ones were answered last night.


The big theme of this season is the idea that you can’t make it on your own in a zombie apocalypse. In the first and second season, the group is busy fighting off herds of zombies and just learning how to stay alive. Now, having suffered through this zombie apoc. for over a year, some of our characters are struggling to remember who they were before this all started. In last night’s episode Rick,Carl and Michonne go for a ride…they come across different graffiti signs of help/warnings including one that read ‘Erin: We Tried for Stone Mountain’…the first thing I thought of was the similar message the group left for Sophia after she went missing in the forest. Clearly, Rick and the others aren’t the only group of people that have used these survival tactics, and the fact that all these strangers are in the same boat should prove to Rick that not everyone has an evil agenda, some people just need help.

A few seconds later the car passes a hitchhiker screaming for help. They don’t stop to pick him up, they continue driving. Somehow Rick gets the car stuck in a ditch. This was one of the great moments of this episode. In the midst of the chaos, Rick still has time to teach his son Carl how to get a car out of a ditch. It reminds us that Rick is still struggling with being a parent, and Carl is still a damn kid! The straggler catches up to them begging for them to pick him up, they run into the car and drive off. I really thought they would pick him up.


They roll up onto a main street of an abandoned town, which turns out to be their old neighbourhood street. It’s filled with all these wooden spikes, rats in cages, and it’s obvious somebody has spent the time to booby trap the street. There’s a sniper on the roof who asks the gang to leave. They decide to stay for a little while, Michonne and Rick conclude that he probably has weapons stashed somewhere. Carl ends up shooting the sniper, they uncover his body and realize he’s not dead because he’s wearing a bulletproof vest. Rick goes to take off the man’s head gear and reveals the identity of the man. It’s Morgan! The man from the first episode, the man with the son, they save Rick as he’s walking randomly down the street. They bring Morgan back up into the apartment he’s made for himself, there’s traps everywhere so they have to be super careful. Michonne advises them to just leave the guy and take all his guns. Once Rick realizes it’s Morgan, he doesn’t want to just leave him and tells the two they’re going to stay until he wakes up. It was a real emotional moment for Rick, as he’s digging through the weapons he comes across the walkie-talkie he gave Morgan. They had agreed to turn it on everyday at dawn, but Rick could never get reception because he kept getting pushed farther into the countryside.


Carl decides he’s going to look for a crib for his baby sis. And since there’s no Baby R’ Us around, the closest place is his mom’s friends store around the corner. Carl is up to something, you can just tell. Michonne agrees to accompany Carl on his search while Rick waits for Morgan to wake up.

Outside, Carl is angry with Michonne for tagging along. He reminds her that she’s just part of the group for a short time, she’ll probably leave as soon as things get better. While Michonne is busy with a zombie, Carl tries to sneak away, but it’s no use because Michonne is a beast and catches up with the 10-year old. They pull up to a cafe/bar…at first it looks empty but inside there’s a swarm of zombies hanging around. On last night’s episode of The Talking Dead, Aisha Tyler made an interesting point. If you haven’t read the comic books, you wouldn’t know this, but because they’re farther into the apocalypse, the zombies don’t have anything left to eat, because of this they’re more dormant. Explains why there were 20 zombies just lying there inside the bar. Fun Fact.

Michonne and Carl use one of the rat cages to divert the zombies attention, Carl makes his way to the bar where he finds a picture of Rick,Lori and Carl. This entire time he’s tried to secretly find something of his mother’s for his baby sister, after all she needs to know what their mom looked like. So cute.

Finally, Morgan wakes up, he’s all violent and tries to kill Rick. Rick’s screaming at him reminding him who he is, and that he saved his life a year ago. Morgan has completely lost it, he stabs Rick with a knife, Rick doesn’t mind because he just wants his friend back. After a few minutes of fighting, Morgan realizes who Rick is. Rick shows him the walktie-talkie, Morgan remembers, but he’s actually angry at Rick for never using it! Rick explains he used it every single day, but after a while he could no longer find reception at the farm.


This scene is probably one of the most important scene in the entire series. Rick is talking to Morgan telling him he needs to come back from this, he needs to survive, we all know that Rick is talking about himself in that moment. He’s the one that needs to come back from this, he needs to survive for his son and daughter, he needs to be the man he was when this all started. We realize Morgan’s son isn’t around, most likely dead. Morgan explains the story in the beginning, when Rick gave the gun to Morgan and told him to shoot his wife who had turned. They were sitting in the upstairs window, he was about to pull the trigger but Morgan couldn’t do it, he couldn’t kill her. He tells Rick that one day he had been out checking a cellar and when he came back out there she was, standing right in front of their son Duane. Duane had his gun up but he couldn’t shoot her, she ended up killing the boy, and all he could see was red, until he killed them both. Morgan is so far gone, he no longer has anything to lose. His mission is to ‘clear’ everything and everyone, that’s why he’s set up all the traps on the street, that’s his mission and he’s going to stick to it until his day comes.

While Michonne and Carl make their way out of the restaurant,they come across the group of zombies chasing the tiny mouse, after a small battle they make their way out but Carl drops the picture on the way. Dumbass. Michonne tells Carl the only way they’re going to get that picture is if he waits outside, so like the heroine that she is, she goes back in retrieves the picture and picks up the ugliest piece of decor while inside. They laugh. Important scene, Carl is grateful to Michonne for getting the picture, his sister is going to love it, and his feelings for Michonne are changing.

Rick begs Morgan to join their group, Morgan is weak but smart. He questions Rick as to why they need all the ammo, he knows they’re in the middle of a war, regardless Rick promises he’ll be safe with the rest of them. Morgan doesn’t buy it, and Rick walks out with a few bags of guns and ammo.

Just in time, Carl and Michonne make their way back carrying the baby crib. Rick is loading the truck, happy to see Carl and Michonne alive. As they’re walking away, Carl apologizes to Morgan for shooting him, Morgan stops, walks up to Carl and tells him to never be sorry. Of course, Carl is nothing like his son Duane, when Duane couldn’t shoot his mother, Carl volunteered to kill his.

In the end, Carl admits to his father that Michonne is good and hopes she sticks around. Carl jumps into the car and Michonne meets Rick at the back. She knows he’s been seeing things, and tells him that it’s okay. She used to talk to her dead boyfriend all the time, saying that ‘it happens’. Their relationship has changed in the last 45 minutes, he trusts her, and asks her to drive back because obviously someone who sees dead people shouldn’t be driving. It was cute. Before they leave town Rick spots Morgan loading the zombie bodies and burning them in a pile.

On their way back they come across blood and the remains of a dead body that belonged to the hitchhiker. The car drives by, then stops, backs up, they pick up the hitchhikers backpack…and continue to drive off. How amazing would it have been if Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ was playing during that scene?

What did you guys think? With only four episodes left of the season, it’s going to be a helluva ride. Are we going to see the war between the Grimes gang and Woodbury? Or will Rick and his new found enlightenment try to save the war with words?

And more importantly, will Morgan come back?

My opinion, I don’t think so. A. Because Morgan (Lennie James) is a super busy actor and I don’t think they signed him on to do the rest of the season. B. I think Morgan’s speech will have a longer lasting impression on Rick and the audience if this episode was his only platform for an epic monologue.

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