GIRLS: Bye Bye Charlie!

There are many spoilers surrounding the upcoming season of Girls, but one that’s definitely true  – bye bye Charlie!

Which leaves us wondering what the hell is going to happen to Marnie in the third season? Last season we left off with the longtime on and off again couple finally working things out, and it seemed like they would be together for the third. Now, everything’s changed and Marnie’s back to being single …which as we know isn’t all that fun too watch!


Apparently, Charlie (played by Christopher Abbott) had a falling out with Lena Dunham on set…and decided he wanted out of the show. How much of that is true…we really don’t know…but Christopher did leave the show abruptly which leads us to assume some drrrama went down.

Here’s what Allison Williams who plays Marnie had to say about the situation:

“It’s unfortunate that [Abbott] is no longer a part of the family,” she added of her costar. But Williams is also confident that the writers of the show will make it work.

“The minute I heard the news, there wasn’t a single doubt in my mind that [they] would come up with great stuff for Marnie to be doing,” she shared. “And what we’ve done so far and what we’re continuing to do is so excellent.”

We all know Lena Dunham is a genius, but how will she come out of this one? Will he have a soap opera ending and die in a car crash… or will he decide to move to Silicon Valley with the success of his iPhone app?…I guess we will see.

As for Marnie…Williams says,  “It’s almost as if we skipped her third season and have gone on to single Marnie.”

Waah! Photos from the set of the third season have leaked, showing a very toned and in shape Marnie.  Instead of sulking about Charlie, she is putting hard time in at the gym! If only that would work for all of us.

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