RIVALS 2: 69?

rivalsIIWith the new season of MTV’s The Challenge:Rivals 2, the teams of two are sure to be subjected to some crazy ass challenges. Last night proving to be one of them…titled ’69’ by a few cast mates on Twitter. It started off with a little hip action sawing, working together to cut a piece of wood. Then, partners had to literally carry their other half upside down (69 style) through an obstacle course…grab a ball with their mouth…pass the ball down to the other person…and have them put the tiny ball into the opening of a pipe on the sand. It sounds really difficult, but evidently the biggest challenge was having your teammates crotch in your face…seemed like a few people couldn’t deal with that.

The guys had to be the funniest, for some reason Wes gave up right off the start. It was a girls elimination so he just didn’t feel like doing it. CT, who looked like he was having fun, kept going on with Knight, whose partner Preston quit as well. Knight and CT tried running the course together, until TJ kicked them off.

SawingSpeaking of teams, the pairing of some ‘rival’ teams are questionable…since Naomi had to leave Thailand for personal reasons, we found out Cooke’s new partner is……Cara Maria….?….? Really? I think she’s annoying and are they even rivals?, for Cooke it might be a blessing in red hair. Cooke is a rookie, but she’s strong and smart and with Cara Maria’s experience I think they’ll go far. For the girls, the team to beat right now is Emily and Paula. It seems like they will be the team to beat for the rest of the game, I can’t imagine any other team coming close to them. Maybe Jonna and Nany….or Cooke and Cara but even then E and P seem like a solid team. They came in first place again last night, giving them immunity from the elimination. Rookie team Anastasia and Jessica came in last which automatically puts them in the elimination round.

69Back at the house, the guys decide on who they want to vote for. The final tally goes for Cooke and Cara to battle it out with the rookies. I was pretty confident these two powerhouses would beat the rookies, but ya never know.

This season’s elimination battle looks similar to last season’s. I feel like they copied the same games, just gave them a different name and look. Last night’s game had both teams suspended in the air, above dirty looking water. Each team had to quickly saw away at a rope that would bring down the losing team right into the water. Before the round even started, Anastasia feels sick, she says her head is spinning and she can’t see straight. At this point, everyone is just sick of her and her rookie drama, C & C were waiting in their position, Cooke couldn’t wait any longer so she decided to let it all out and pee in the water below.


Anastasia pulls it together, they go on with the challenge, a few editing cuts later we feel like Anastasia and Jessica might have a chance, but C & C pull through for the win, eliminating the rookie girls team. Who saw that one coming?


Trishelle confronts CT about hooking up with Anastasia, of course CT denies it but everyone knows he’s lying. CT asks her why she’s talking about his sex life, somehow Frank gets involved and him and CT almost end up fighting, thank you God for Knight in shining armour. Frank starts crying, he runs to Johnny and tells him of his findings, Johnny laughs it off, and admits he’s super worried about his team’s fate if his partner is already crying in the first week.

Anastasia realizes she’s ‘that’ girl when Theresa tells her about CT and Diem. Anastasia is stunned at the news, as if she’s never watched The Challenge before! How do you not know about CT and Diem?…it’s like the greatest love story in the history of reality TV. She’s a dumbass and she knows it, CT hooked up with her and now she’s all upset and regretful. Sorry A, that still makes you the rookie ho even if you realize it. It’s time for her to leave when she starts a fight with CT, he fights back by saying he never promised her anything, they just hooked up…but she’s embarrassed so she has to put up a front and act all ‘independent woman’. Waste of time, later girl!

DumbassesJordan proves he’s a real man when he’s able to lift the same weights as Thor. If you don’t know, Jordan doesn’t really have a left hand, it’s more like a wrist, but that doesn’t stop him from challenging himself. A quality Sara really admires, and apparently Jordan has the hots for her as well. They hook up in the closet…it’ll be interesting to see where this one goes.


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