Last night Breaking Bad fans around the world got to experience a finale that will surely go down in TV history. The AMC hit show which stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman went out with a bang…just as we expected.

I don’t think anyone doubted Vince Gilligan’s final showdown, especially after the main cast revealed that the ending was exactly how it should end, and that every character would have a conclusion. Very exciting news…but how in the hell were they supposed to wrap up the tragedy that is Walter White and Jesse Pinkman???


I’m not even going to recap this episode. If anyone even bothers to read this article…they’ve probably already seen the finale. Honestly what else were you doing last night?

Everything ended off exactly how it was supposed to. Walt securing the money with his old billionaire friends. Walt killing Lidia with the risin. That damn risin!!


I really didn’t want an uber sad finale…I just didn’t want it to be 60 minutes of infinite tears. We still had a few major questions to be answered…and the thought of a prolonged goodbye would’ve been too much.

And this is why this show is so well done…that one scene with Skyler had it all. It was the goodbye we needed to see…it was the goodbye our characters needed…and it felt so right even without the sad indie music or cheesy montage flashbacks. It was very emotional…but it was just the right amount. The only flashback we saw was of the entire fam in the White house. It was the first time Hank asked Walt to join him on one of the DEA meth lab raids. I loved that flashback…it was the right moment to play it…it was the right flashback to have…and it really hit you in the face like holy S*** nothing is the same anymore…everything is gone.


The ending was the best 10 minutes of TV we’ll probably get all year. All season we were wondering what he was going to do with that machine gun and of course he finds a way to take out an army of trailer trash all by himself.

I wasn’t sure if Walt was dead in the end or he was drifting away as the cops arrived on the scene. Later on The Talking Bad, they confirmed that he did die on the floor of the meth lab. It was the perfect ending…I can’t imagine any other way for Walt to go out. He came back…he didn’t just save Jesse…he gave him the freedom he’s always looked for. He found a way to give his family the money he worked so hard for. It was also the first time Walt was able to be completely honest with Skyler, he admitted that he enjoyed it all…he was good at cooking…and it really made him feel alive. Skyler was able to say goodbye to the real W.W.


Such a good ending. What are your thoughts?


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